Getting a Social Security Number for a Home Birth Baby

A birth certificate for baby
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A social security number is an identification number used for all United States citizens. It is not tied to where or when you were born. Therefore, babies who are born at home are still eligible for social security numbers. The difference is, you will most likely have to apply for the number on your own, whereas, many hospitals will automatically submit the application for your baby when filing your birth certificate.

Applying for the Social Security Number for Your Baby

When you go to apply for your birth certificate or when your midwife or doctor applies for the birth certificate, you will be asked if you would like to also apply for a social security number (SSN) at the same time in most states. You can choose to take this route, which is usually easier and requires less paperwork, simply the social security numbers of the parents and other information that is generally required for the birth certificate. This is a streamlined approach and is usually the fastest way to do it.

If you choose to wait and apply for yourself, you will need proof of the baby's age and birth, citizenship, and your identity. You will also have to apply in person at the social security office. While your baby does not need a social security number immediately, your baby will not be able to have a bank account, attend some schools, and may have other inconveniences without the benefit of a number. You will also need the social security number to be able to claim your baby on your income taxes after one year of age. This is to prevent fraud.