Get Freebies to Share With Your Friends at House Party

Boxes of Free Stuff and Permission to Party

Having a house party
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House Party by Ripple Street is a free program that provides a kit full of sponsored freebies intended to be used to throw a party to promote a certain product. You get to have all the fun with your friends and family members while helping a company get the word out about its product. It's a fun way to try new products and share them with your loved ones.

As a member of House Party, you'll apply to be the host of one of these parties. If selected to be a host, you'll get a box of freebies for yourself and freebie favors for the guests at your party called a Party Pack. The freebies you get will vary depending on which party you host but may include full-sized products, free samples, coupons, and even party decorations to help your guests really love your party.

How to Get Chosen to Host a House Party

Visit House Party by Ripple Street and sign in or become a member by using the links on the top right of the page. You'll then have the option to create your profile or you can just jump into the party planning.

Click on Events at the top of the page and scroll down to view the parties that are accepting applications. All current applications are listed at the top, in the Applications Now Open section. You'll also be able to see parties that are taking place right now and ones that have taken place in the past. This is a fun way to see what party might be coming up for you!

Select a party to view the party details, the date of the party, the number of hosts they're choosing, any restrictions or requirements for the party, and the freebies you'll get to give out during the party. Some of the parties have a lot of restrictions and others are open for everyone to apply. Use the APPLY NOW button to apply to host the party.

Agree to conduct yourself as a great host and fill out the rest of the application. These questions are different depending on what party you're applying for. A lot of people apply to host a House Party, and you'll have to really impress them with your application answers to get selected. This means being detailed and honest. Correct spelling and grammar will get noticed too.

You may also need to do a few online tasks as part of the application process. This could include sharing on social media, taking part in a conversation on their website, posting photos, and answering questions.

How to Host a House Party

You'll be emailed if you're chosen as a host for the party you applied to. You can then visit House Party and click on Activities to view the details of your party including the date and the freebies that will be mailed to you.

You can use the Party Planning Wizard to invite friends to your party and manage RSVPs. You'll also be able to blog about your party and take part in contests only for House Party hosts. Your freebie kit will be mailed to you before the date of your party unless it's virtual and then you can download it from the House Party website.

Types of House Parties Available

House Party has provided members the opportunity to host parties that include food, baby stuff, cleaners, household items, office supplies, board games, TV shows, cell phones, personal care items, software and more just to name a few.

Chatterbox is a new section of House Party that works a lot like BzzAgent. There's no party involved, and it's all about trying out a new product and sharing your opinion on it.

You can find these opportunities by looking for the word "Chatterbox" in an event. 

There are a certain number of spots available and you'll need to answer a few questions and do a couple of activities to apply. This is a great option if you don't want to host a party to promote the products.

Limits to Be Aware Of

Anyone can become a member of House Party by Ripple Street but you must fill out an application for each House Party you want to host. House Party may or may not decide to select you as a host based on your application answers and the number of applicants.

How Your Information Is Used

House Party will ask your permission before they pass on your information to third parties. You can view the complete House Party privacy policy for more details.