How To Get Free Tickets to "The Talk" in L.A.

'The Talk' Co-Hosts Unveil The TALKwich Sandwich At The Carnegie Deli
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Do you think you’d like to see "The Talk" starring Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen? Then step right up and see if you can score a pair of free tickets to the daytime talk show.

"The Talk" offers free tickets for audience members to attend a live taping in Los Angeles. While many talk shows have rules regarding tickets, this show is especially strict about them. It's very important that you do not pester the staff about your ticket request because they will cancel your tickets and potentially bar you from future shows.

If you're willing to follow the rules and be patient, you should have a great time at "The Talk." It's a lively show with great personalities and worth the hoops you have to jump through.

How to Get Free Tickets to "The Talk"

It's always important to remember that talk shows give away tickets because they want the audience filled with excited fans. They also often overbook the tickets in case people don't show up. You'll want to submit your request early and show up at the studio early.

If you don't score tickets on your first try, give it another go. Just be sure you don't annoy those who are handing out tickets because you don't want your name flagged.

  1. The tickets are given away through, a website that handles ticket requests for a variety of talk shows. You will need to register with 1iota in order to place a request.
  2. The website includes a calendar that clearly tells you if a show is open or sold out. Choose your preferred date and be ready to fill in your personal information, the number of tickets requested (up to four), and the names of all who will attend.
  3. Fill out the form only once. If you submit more than one request, you will be disqualified from receiving any tickets.
  4. After submitting your request, wait patiently for a representative to give you a call to finalize your booking. Don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a call. Many people will submit requests, but not everyone will receive tickets. Remember that you do not have tickets until you get that call.
  5. Once approved, you will receive "e-tickets" which you can print out or have on your phone the day of the taping.
  6. The show tapes Mondays through Thursdays at 11 a.m. On occasion, there are two shows Thursday and you'll need to stay for the 1 p.m. taping as well.
  7. The studio is located at CBS Studio Center, 4024 Radford Avenue in Studio City, California. Your seats are guaranteed if (and only if) you arrive at or before the scheduled arrival time. You will receive these details along with your tickets.

Important Tips for Your Experience on "The Talk"

The most important thing to remember about "The Talk" is that they will cancel your tickets if you ask too many questions. The show's website clearly says, "Please do not call or email us regarding your ticket request..." Instead, simply be patient and follow the rules and instructions they give you. There's no need to upset the staff of the show you get to see for free, right?

  • Remember that your preferred date is not guaranteed. The show will do its best to accommodate your request, but be ready to receive tickets for a different date.
  • You're only allowed to attend a taping once a week. Make sure you didn't book tickets at the same time as your friend, either. Keep your party coordinated by using one person as the contact. This show is very particular about these things and they may cancel your tickets.
  • Groups of 5 to 10 people can contact the show directly via Include the name of your group and the best way and time to contact you by phone.
  • No ticket or got there late? You can go standby on the day of the taping. Standby tickets are first-come, first served and you will need to arrive at the studio early. Details are on the ticket request page.
  • Audience members must be 18 years old or accompanied by an adult (no one younger than 16 is permitted, however).
  • All guests must have a valid, non-expired photo ID when they arrive at the studio and it must match the information you gave in your ticket request. This could be your driver's license, state ID, passport, or military ID.
  • The tickets are non-transferable and the person who registered is required to be at the taping. Also, the line forms outside, so expect to stand for a long time. You cannot get into line until your entire party has arrived.
  • The dress code for "The Talk" is upscale business chic—"as if you are going out on a job interview." No hats, logos, or athletic attire of any kind. Men are required to wear a button-down shirt, no polo shirts.
  • Don’t bring much. Security will search all bags and purses, so travel light for speedy entrance. Audio and video recording devices of all manner are not permitted. Cell phones with cameras are permitted but must be turned off before entering the studio and stay off during taping.
  • "The Talk" welcomes audience members with disabilities and will do their best to accommodate. Be sure to contact them prior to the taping if anyone in your party requires accessible seating or cannot use stairs.