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An Emmy....Followed By a Car Accident

Bryan Craig and Kelly Thiebaud. John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment

Sometimes, our fortunes are not bad or good, just mixed.

After winning a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Younger Actor, Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) totaled his Corvette.

TMZ reports that a Jeep ran a red light; Craig veered to get out of the way and found himself slammed into a fire hydrant.

Thankfully it was only his car that was damaged.  Craig is bruised and probably very sore.

“The hydrant is actually what stopped me from hitting a house,” the young actor says. “And I wasn't wearing a seat belt, honestly, so it was kind of a miracle I didn't get hurt.” 

Sorry about the car, happy you're okay. And next time, wear your seat belt.

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Duke Is Back!

Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan). ABC, Inc.

Ian Buchanan is returning to General Hospital. As the late Duke Lavery.

Before we all get too excited, he's only back for several episodes, and he's a ghostly apparition.
His scenes will be with Finola Hughes (Anna).  He told Soap Opera Digest that the experience was "bittersweet."

He also said that he likes the Duke's son story line that Matt Cohen is doing a Dr. Griffin Munro.

He will be back next week, so stay tuned.  Sigh. If only a ghost could dance at the Nurses Ball.

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OH NO! She's B-a-a-c-k

Heather Webber
Looking Happy though Nuts: Heather Webber (Robin Mattson). ABC, Inc.

For May sweeps, General Hospital is bringing back a special nut job, one Heather Webber (Robin Mattson).

Mattson has not been on the show in over a year. 

She will be back on May 11 and have scenes with Franco (Roger Howarth). No word on whether or not she will try to kill Nina again.

So get ready.

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General Hospital and the Daytime Emmy Awards | The Winners!

Vinessa Antoine
Vinessa Antoine accepts Emmy for Sean Blakemore. Twitter

 A few surprises at the Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday May 1. So surprising that some of the winners couldn't be there.

Sean Blakemore (Shawn Butler) won Outstanding Supporting Actor; Vinessa Antoine, looking like a goddess, accepted for him.

Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) was there to accept his Outstanding Young Actor award.

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) won Outstanding Lead Actor. 

General Hospital took home Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Drama.

Below is a full list. Congratulations!

Outstanding Drama Series
“General Hospital”
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Mary Beth Evans, “Days of Our Lives”
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Tyler Christopher, “General Hospital”
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Jessica Collins, “The Young & The Restless”
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Shawn Blakemore, “General Hospital”
Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series
True O’Brien, “Days Of Our Lives”
Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series
Bryan Craig, “General Hospital”
Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team
“The Bold & The Beautiful”
Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team
“General Hospital”
Outstanding Guest Performer In Drama Series
Obba Babatunde, “The Bold & The Beautiful”
Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series
“The Bay: The Series”
Outstanding Actress in a Digital Daytime Drama Series
Mary Beth Evans, “The Bay: The Series”
Outstanding Actor in a Digital Daytime Drama Series
Kristos Andrews, “The Bay: The Series”

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'General Hospital' Picks Up a Few Creative Arts Daytime Emmy Awards

General Hospital logo
General Hospital logo. ABC, Inc.

Despite Young and the Restless picking up the majority of awards given to soaps in the creative arts categories, General Hospital won a couple. The event was held on Friday evening, April 29.

Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series went to Mark Teschner, Casting Director of GH.

The show also won in the Drama series category: Outstanding Technical Team, Outstanding Multiple Camera Editing, and Outstanding Costume Design.

So congratulations, GH, and let's hope there are more awards tomorrow!

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Many Big Events Coming Up!

Levittown and West Orange Fantasy Events
Upcoming Appearances. N/A

Check out our Upcoming Appearances page for all the events that are coming up - it's a busy season. 

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Bechtel's Back!

Nicolas Bechtel
Nicolas Bechtel. ABC/Disney

His O.J. and Disney Channel obligations to Stuck in the Middle over, Nicolas Bechtel will be returning to General Hospital as Spencer Cassadine.

On Twitter, he announced that his first appearance will be May 1.

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Prince Causes Injury to Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn
Nancy Lee Grahn after a dance marathon with Prince. Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) is walking around in a neck brace, thanks to Prince.

Apparently she had what she described as "an hour dance party in the kitchen with yourself and Prince."

Actors from the show sent best wishes via twitter.

As to whether this will affect her screen time, no reason Alexis can't sport a neck brace. But we'll see.

Oh, and wish her Happy Birthday.

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Words Can Hurt | Genie Francis Tells Oprah Why She Left 'GH' in 1981

Genie Francis (Laura)
Genie Francis, Back on GH as Laura. ABC, Inc.

In a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah: Where Are They Now? Genie Francis made some shocking statements.

In 1981, Francis left the soap because of substance abuse issues and...something else.

The actress reveals that one night, she had to be admitted into the hospital. The powers that be informed her the next day that she would be needed for work the following morning.

She returned to work at the appropriate time. Someone knocked on her dressing room door. Whomever it was told her: " 'They said that it didn't matter if you lived or died because Tony [Geary, Luke Spencer] was the whole show.'"
When you're 19 years old, it's difficult to know your own worth, and insecurity can come easily.

Francis was very hurt, so hurt in fact, that she left 'GH'. "I just decided that I don't matter, I'm nothing.  Okay, 'Watch this, I'm gone.'" She adds,"I was angry. It was a hotheaded decision. I went a long distance to prove a point -- a very long distance. And it hurt me, too." 

Whatever was said to her at the time, fans would not agree. Francis was and is a critical component of General Hospital, and she has stood independent of Tony Geary for a long time now. Laura is beloved, and no other actress could ever play her.

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So What Do We Think?

Matt Cohen as Griffin and Claudette
Is he Griffin or Claudette?. Celebrity Dirty Laundry

This is a prevailing rumor, so I feel it must be mentioned.

The photo comes from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, which is not always accurate; in fact, the site tends to be fanciful, but it poses many a fun theory.

Could Claudette, Nathan's ex-wife, have had the surgery and become Griffin?

I'm voting no.

As to why I'm voting no...it would be interesting, but I think in reality Griffin is Claudette's ex-beau, with whom she cheated on Nathan.

GH does not shy away from sexual issues - we have Kristina dealing with fluid sexuality on the front burner of stories, and we have Brad and Lucas planning a wedding, should that ever happen.

Do we need a transgender story at this time? Or would it be better to have that story arc later? It might take away from Kristina's story.

Also, Griffin is on the canvas as Duke's son, not Duke's daughter. Why reveal yourself if you're not going to be completely truthful and say Duke had a daughter? Supposing Anna checked it out? Or asked for a DNA test? 

Some argue that if Griffin is Claudette, Nathan would have recognized her. Why would this occur to Nathan? Does one usually think, oh, that man looks like my ex-wife so I guess she's a man now? And that's an incorrect idea anyway. Many transgenders do not bear a lot of resemblance to their former self.

The third reason I don't think it's true is, we already have Griffin as Duke's son and as someone from Nathan's past. There are other new characters coming on - why ask one character to perform triple duty?

We'll find out soon enough.

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Sean Blakemore Headed for BET Pilot

Shawn and Jordan
Shawn and Jordan (Sean Blakemore, Vinessa Antoine). ABC, Inc.

Sean Blakemore, who occasionally plays Shawn Butler on General Hospital, is now part of a pilot, The Yard, on BET. 

His GH character is in prison and has had some visits from Hayden (Rebecca Budig). Why do I think those visits might be over.

The Yard sports a great cast: Besides Blakemore, Anika Noni Rose, Peyton Alex Smith, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, and Jasmine Guy have signed on for the two-hour pilot, which concerns the new president of a college, Georgia A&M. Rose plays the president.
Blakemore, who is also up for a Daytime Emmy, will continue to appear on Devious Maids (Lifetime). So maybe there is a chance that someone will drop in on Shawn in prison. Let's hope so.

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More Sad News

Laura Wright (Carly)
Laura Wright receives her Daytime Emmy. David Becker/Getty Images

Laura Wright (Carly) and her husband twenty years, John, are divorcing. 

Her statement says: "John and I have decided to end our 20 year marriage. We remain committed and dedicated to our two wonderful children and will always be a supportive, loving family of four -- we are just doing it differently now!"
The couple married in 1995. They have two children, Lauren Elizabeth, 18, and John Michael, 16. 

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New Nurse Joins Staff of 'General Hospital'

Risa Dorken
Risa Dorken, a new actress on 'GH'. Murphy Made Photography

Risa Dorken, formerly seen on Boardwalk Empire, has been cast as a new nurse on General Hospital.

Soaps in Depth is reporting that the actress/singer is playing a character described as "spunky," and that she may have a past connection to another character.

Her role, Amy, debuts May 4, and that's your first clue. Could she have a connection to Amy Vining?  The character is further described as a busybody - well, you can't get any closer to Amy than that.

Shell Kepler played Laura Spencer's half-sister Amy Vining from 1979-2002 both on GH and Port Charles. Kepler died in 2008 from renal failure. She was 49.

Dorken is about 20, and attended the St. Paul Conservatory For Performing Artists in Minnesota. She then became part of the Circle in the Square Musical Theatre Program in New York City. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Currently she is studying sketch comedy and improv.

With all that musical training, let's hope she sings at the Nurses Ball.