General Hospital's Biggest Shockers of All Time

Michael Easton Returns to GH!
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Rarely does a year, let alone a week, go by when there isn't some monumental shocker on "General Hospital." It's one of the most dramatic soap operas on TV and its over 50-year run has given us countless surprises.

Secret identities, murder plots, witchcraft, mob bosses, and even an alien have added to the show's intrigue over the years. While plot twists are the norm on "GH" and characters like Lucy Coe or any of the Quartermaines reliably give us something to talk about, there are a few storylines that stand out among the rest.

Do you remember when Mikkos Quartermaine tried to freeze the world back in the 80s? What about the 90s story when Robin first found out she was HIV positive and her boyfriend Stone died tragically from AIDS? Those were memorable, but let's take a look back at four of the biggest shockers of "General Hospital" history.

Luke and Laura Get Married

That doesn't seem like a shocking headline, but the backstory that led to Luke and Laura's wedding day made this a seemingly unbelievable love story. The story of daytime TV's first super couple began on a disco dance floor in 1979 when Luke raped Laura. 

To anyone who doesn't know the constant twists that make "GH" the fan powerhouse it is, it seems unbelievable. How could a rape victim fall in love with her attacker? While it's hard to grasp, it led to the greatest romance on television.

No one can dispute the appeal of their wedding day in November of 1981. Even people who didn't watch the show tuned in, making it one of the most-watched episodes ever. The shocker of that day was the curse Helena put on the couple and that led to even more trouble. They survived though, and in 2016 the television couple celebrated their 35th anniversary.

Jason and the Other Jason

The Quartermaine family is integral to the Port Charles story that is "General Hospital." Jason, the son of Dr. Alan Quartermaine, had a rocky life from the very beginning. Long-time fans were very fond of Steve Burton who played the young Quartermaine from 1991 through 2012. 

The storyline wrote Jason out by way of a seemingly fatal car crash. It was caused by his alcoholic half-brother A.J. and everyone thought he was gone for good. This is "General Hospital," though and a surprising number of people come back from the dead.

In 2014, Jason came back but he didn't look like the man we knew. Billy Miller had taken over the role and Jason was suffering from amnesia. It took some time for the truth to come out, but this "Jason Morgan" was indeed Jason Quartermaine (at first he went by the name Jake). If you can't keep up with that storyline, don't even try to figure out Jason's relationships with Elizabeth or his wife, Sam.

Maxie Gets B.J.'s Heart

No other story brought tears to "General Hospital" fans' eyes like this heartbreaking tale in the early 90's. Maxie Jones started out as a young girl in the 1990s and she grew up onscreen, primarily played by Robyn Richards after the actress' debut in 1993.

In 1994, the 4-year-old Maxie needed a heart transplant. In a twist of fate only possible on "GH," a school bus accident took the life of her cousin B.J., giving Maxie the chance at life she needed. The staff at General Hospital took great care and the transplant was a success.

The heartbreaking scenes didn't end during this storyline. Felicia, Maxie's mother, was desperate to find Bobbie, B.J.'s mother, to tell her the great news about finding a donor. She didn't realize who it was. By the time B.J.'s father, Tony, listened to his daughter's heart in his niece's chest, the tears simply would not stop.

Who Is "The Hospital Killer"?

A serial killer stalked the hallways of General Hospital in 2016. Patients were being murdered with injections throughout the summer and no one knew who did it. In August it was finally revealed that Paul Hornsby was the murderer and he wasn't done.

In September, Paul attacked Dr. Monica Quartermaine and just a couple days later he strangled Sabrina Santiago. The big question, once everyone knew the truth, was why he did it. Sure, this was not the attorney's first crimes (he had been involved in larceny, kidnapping, and even a few shootings over the years), but this was a mystery.

Finally, it was revealed that Paul's reason for his murderous rampage was to avenge his daughter Susan. She had been raped by Kyle Sloane years earlier and was now emotionally traumatized and in a psychiatric hospital. Apparently, Paul's killing of Kyle the year before was not enough revenge.