Gemini-Sagittarius Moon Nodes in the Birth Chart

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When you have Gemini-Sagittarius Moon Nodes in the chart, you're moving along that lively, curious spectrum. 

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity deals with brightness of mind and spirit. 

Editor's Note: Professional astrologer and author Eileen Grimes continues her exclusive series for Eileen looks at pathways from the familiar stasis of the South Node to the rewards of the Moon's Nodes. She's offering in this series, ways to move toward the 'rewards' of the North Node.

The series began with her article Lunar Nodes, (moving) out of your comfort zone.

The north and south nodes are points in the birth chart, that tell a story of the soul's journey over time, and lifetimes.

Now she tracks the journey of Gemini-Sagittarius, with interpretations for both directions. Share your experience at the link below!

Gemini South Node and Sagittarius North Node

From many lifetimes, this soul has been a gatherer - a gatherer of important information. They are a walking library. Their concern for accumulation of data, is so complete, that to the exclusion of all else they will continue to do this until they’ve run out of space in their head and on their computer.

However, there is a problem: their information really isn’t theirs. There’s a line in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice uttered by the hero to the heroine of the book “I know you delight in professing opinions that are decidedly not your own”. This perhaps, makes us wonder if our heroine Elizabeth Bennett had south node in Gemini!

This is a typical manifestation of this nodal placement. The information they mete out doesn’t have their personal stamp on it. There is no personal opinion offered - there is just other people’s information. And Indeed, the information gathering is an across-the-board process, as long as sources can be found to add to the wealth of knowledge, it doesn’t really matter where it comes from.

In this mire, there is indecision. And why? So many words, so little time....This isn’t a bad thing - there is indicated a lively active mind, always in search of more. However, there comes a point when these people are in the midst of sharing what they know to people - and one person will ask them the deadliest of questions:

“Well, what does that mean to YOU?” “What do YOU think?”

This new evolutionary step involves a new process - using the intuition to help build a solid base of personal and philosophic truth for this individual. Logic, while serving them in the past, merely gets in the way now. Intuition will help these people build a core belief system that will serve them.

Sagittarius South Node and Gemini North Node

The Sagittarius south node person, is likely larger than life, and has been for a long succession of lifetimes. has truly lived in elevated planes - they have the knowledge of the universe and big lofty dreams and hopes. They have been mentors and teachers, and can understand the language of spiritual and metaphysical realms.

There is no doubt they have an abundant self-worth - however, because this is the position of basically having too much of just about everything (Sagittarius with Jupiter ruling), they might think that this is true all the time, and feel that they have the right to say they are right, all of the time.

And that their word is law.

In this lies the seeds for the evolution in this lifetime. If their word really is law, and they really were master teachers - what about all those others that have their own laws too?

They have to be willing to become the student again. And, if they do, they will be enriched, when they entertain others' viewpoints and positions.

Coming off this mountain, one must learn to live and abide in the small towns of life. As lofty as that perch is, sometimes, we just need to learn to exist in more simple, less complex realities.