Gemini in Love - Zodiac Compatibility

Reading Papers in Bed / Tim Hall for Getty Images.

Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is often of two minds about love.  

Sure, it's nice to have a steady to come home to, but Gemini has multi-directional wandering eyes.  They may really want stability, but find it hard to settle their restless soul, unless they're really ready.

And what convinces them it's not a death-trap, is that there's a lot of open windows and doors.  Gemini thrives in a relationship with a lot of space, to see friends, travel solo, take classes, etc.

Gemini is a talented social flirt, and has a notoriously short attention span.  You'll impress Gemini by being hilarious, and genuinely finding them hilarious, too.  

Instead of being annoyed by their constant chatter, you're the one that takes delight in it, clapping your hands wildly.  You don't mind being cut off, in mid-sentence, when an epiphany strikes Gemini, either.  You've got to be fluent with language, and a quick study, to enjoy the loquacious Twins.  

Be Interesting

Being an air sign, the mindscape is where the seeds of love and lust are sown.  When I was single, I remember reading that to attract a mate, "Be interesting."  And that's a top draw for Gemini.

Tell them the dazzling bits, and skip the boring bits.  If you see their mouth drop open, and eyes go wide, then break into a smile, you're on the right track.

And it goes both ways.  If you're caught yawning, on a date, don't bother with excuses about working late.  If you're not charmed by Gemini now, you'll be driven crazy by them later.  

Mutable Gemini is happy with a lover that comes with a colorful bundle of varied hobbies, passions and opinions.  They find it hard to feign interest in someone with a singular passion, no matter how fascinating.  

So they can have one partner, but it'll have to be one with multiple personae, similar to their own collection of personae.  

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The Narrator in the Movie of Life

Gemini is nourished by excitement, bordering on frenzy.  They like it when you're listening, but also know you can't catch it all.  Gemini's verbosity creates a wall of sound, and like birds, they're singing to you, but also just to life itself.  

You'll frustrate them if you hold them to what they've said, or try to pin down their reasoning for a certain viewpoint.  They may have one thought in the morning that contradicts a thought in the afternoon.  

Gemini appreciates it when you're listening, but also when you skip topics, especially if there's a lull in the conversation.  The desired effect here is not to come to conclusions, but to enjoy the banter itself.

Gemini has a hard time with people who are heavily programmed, by media or their upbringing.  They find it hard to trust or respect a mind that they perceive as hopelessly brainwashed.  

When it comes to affection, Gemini shows its awkwardness, with side hugs, or mini gestures like a wink, a pat on the back or sharing a book.  It's not a sign that's famous for its empathy and hugs.  And Gemini has a way of sucking the poignancy out of a moment, with a withering remark.  Gemini's dark side comes out in sadistic teasing, and using their wit to be a verbal bully.

Gemini Love Games

  • Finds it fun to exchange sexy thoughts online or by phone with sexting.
  • Be aware that Gemini likes to play jokes on people -- a la candid camera -- and no one is spared.
  • Is the one to call for a spontaneous night out or road trip.
  • Being with a Gemini could mean losing all your privacy settings, when it comes to social media.  You'll have to set a policy about posted photos, and then be willing to enforce it.