Gemini and Depression

Eye looking into a mirror
Lauri Rotko/Folio Images/Getty Images

Yes, the jokey Gemini gets depressed, though it may not show as much to the outer world. Gemini is a merry sign that stays curious about life and is often able to see the humor in dire situations.  

Friends might sense they're stretched thin, but might not know how severe the melancholia is or isn't. That's because with Gemini, they often they put on a cheerful face, even if their teeth are clenched and eyes have lost their twinkle.

Gemini's suffer with dark moods but are also inclined to deal with it by being even more busy and distracted. 

They may be adamant to friends that they're fine but slip into morbid terrain in private. Many Geminis have erratic mood swings from one emotional or mental pole to the other. 

Since they're used to having that split experience, Gemini might indeed think it's all just how things are and will work its way out eventually.

Gemini is an air sign and will be determined to think her way out of the funk. The trouble is, that can be a destructive loop until the root causes of a psychic disturbance are dealt with.

Racing Mind

Gemini's are vulnerable to having runaway thought processes that turn dark. What comes to mind are some of the conflicted Sword cards in the Tarot (like the 3, 5 and 7).

They depict how thoughts themselves can become weaponized, within our own psyches.

The sword that cuts through illusion and represents clarity, becomes a pointy, cutting blade.

It can begin with generalized worry, that becomes a habit. And this causes anxiety to build, with all that potentially comes with it — panic attacks, paranoia, and fearful imaginings. 

It can reach a crescendo in what's always been known colloquially as the nervous breakdown, and that suggests a total stop of life as we know it. I've experienced this kind of thing, and have a Gemini Moon (which gives me a Gemini emotional nature). 

Sometimes it can mean a rebuilding from the ground (of the psyche) up. And in my case, my handwriting changed, which seems like a very mercurial kind of outer sign of inner change. 

Split Personalities

Gemini is a sign of polarities and multi-dimensionality.  Having many sides makes some Geminis seem crazy, but that depends on the observer, right?

That's why it's tricky territory to put a label on Geminis, like dissociative, when they may be playing out a side of their personality.

And being an air sign, Gemini can be detached, which makes it more surreal to ponder, as if on the outside looking in.

For example, I recall quitting smoking and having an experience of depression, but one that felt like integrating different sides of myself.  So consider that Gemini rules the lungs, and it's thought that they are linked to depression (in energy-healing circles).

And in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs are linked to emotions, grief, sadness and the experience of feeling detached.

The years I smoked in my twenties were a way I dealt with intense anxiety, and a bonus, kept my hands busy.  When I quit, life felt surreal for a while, and at times, I didn't know who I was in the mirror.  But instinctively, I knew I was on the healing path, letting old grief rise to be integrated.

For a Gemini that's carrying a lot of baggage, the private inner life can be like a house of mirrors, with distortions of the self-image. The road to wholeness can begin with seeking what's authentic, like tracking persistent interests across time.

Suggested Remedies

A way out of the chaos is to create psychic space within, that's a refuge.

Once you have a foothold within your own psyche, you can expand it, until you are once again, at home within your own mind.  Here are some possibilities:

  • Watch movies that inspire you, giving your mind a break and your soul a lift.
  • Exercise to get that healthy high, from an infusion of oxygen.
  • Get visual with your desires, like creating a vision board.
  • Try breathing exercises to calm the mind and get the chi flowing.
  • Experiment with sound healing and music that puts you in a serene mood.