Gears of War Xbox 360 Cheats: All COG Tags Locations

Find all 30 COG tags in GOW for Xbox 360

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Gears of War is a third-person shooter developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft in 2006. It has 30 military dog tags hidden throughout its campaign mode. This Gears of War cheat guide contains the location of every single one.

Information in this article applies to all versions of the 2006 game Gears of War for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

How to Find COG tags

Keep an eye out for red Gears of War logos (also known as Crimson Omens). COG tags appear directly under or near these symbols, so scout the area wherever you see one.

In online co-op mode, each player gets credit for tags their partner collects.

All Tag Locations in Gears of Wars

Tags are listed in the order they're found in Campaign mode.

Act 1 COG Tags

Tag Number Level Location
COG Tag 1 Jacinto Maximum Security Prison In the courtyard across from the cells.
COG Tag 2 Jacinto Maximum Security Prison Under the stairway in the first room where the door is destroyed by locusts.
COG Tag 3 Jacinto Maximum Security Prison Atop the staircase near the beginning of the courtyard.
COG Tag 4 Trial By Fire In the center of the first small courtyard.
COG Tag 5 Fish In A Barrel In the weeds by the second emergence hole.
COG Tag 6 Fish In A Barrel Near the fourth emergence hole you encounter.
COG Tag 7 Knock Knock In a hole in the ground to the left of the white van.
COG Tag 8 Hammer On the floor in the hallway where Jack has to open the door.
COG Tag 9 Hammer Behind a pillar in the room where you learn about Rojas.
COG Tag 10 China Shop On the ground after the Berserker slays your companion.
COG Tag 11 China Shop In an alcove next to the third door the Berserker smashes open.
COG Tag 12 China Shop Near the main wall to the left when you exit the building.

Act 2 COG Tags

Tag Number Level Location
COG Tag 13 Tick Tick Boom Under the couch in the room with two stairways.
COG Tag 14 Grist In an alley at the bottom of the stairs near the exit of the room with the square-shaped catwalk.
COG Tag 15 Grist Up the stairs to the left of the Stranded Settlement gate, beside the newspaper vending machines.
COG Tag 16 Lethal Dusk In a shed near the propane tank, close to the second checkpoint.
COG Tag 17 Lethal Dusk In the far left section of the area where you must guide Dom with the spotlight.
COG Tag 18 Dark Labyrinth On the ground to the right of the car containing a propane tank.

Act 3 COG Tags

Tag Number Level Location
COG Tag 19 Downpour In the rainy section outside, at the end of a plank behind the building with an elevator.
COG Tag 20 Evolution In the far right corner of the room with crumbling floorboards.
COG Tag 21 Evolution At the bottom of the stairs in the cart control room.
COG Tag 22 Darkest Before Dawn To the right after you ride the drilling platforms.
COG Tag 23 Darkest Before Dawn To the right of the stairs on the path along the right wall.
COG Tag 24 Darkest Before Dawn In the narrow section with lots of cover, on a ledge over a pool of liquid.

Act 4 COG Tags

Tag Number Level Location
COG Tag 25 Campus Grinder By the second staircase on your right at the start of the level.
COG Tag 26 Bad To Worst Behind the rusted car on the sidewalk.
COG Tag 27 Imaginary Place Under the desk in the oval shaped room at Fenix Estate.

Act 5 COG Tags

Tag Number Level Location
COG Tag 28 Train Wreck On the fifth passenger car to the left of where you enter.
COG Tag 29 Train Wreck On the ground before the ladder leading to the third passenger car's roof.
COG Tag 30 Troika Central In the cabin area on the fifth passenger car after you release the cylinders.

What's the Reward for Collecting All COG Tags?

Collecting all COG tags unlocks three achievements and nets you 60 Gamerscore points.

Achievement Gamerscore Points Requirement
Time to Remember 10 points Recover one-third of all COG tags.
Honor-Bound 20 points Recover two-thirds of all COG tags.
For the Fallen 30 points Recover every COG tag.

You don't need to find every tag in a single playthrough to unlock the achievements.