Gear & Equipment for the Beginner Diver

What to Wear on Your First Day

Woman diving in swimming pool
Martin Barraud / Getty Images

What type of equipment or apparel do you need to get started in diving? The answer to that question is really easy to answer – not much!

While many sports do have specific needs and requirements, diving is relatively simple for the beginner. A swimsuit and a towel are all that is required to get started. Girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit (two-piece bikini style swimwear is not recommended), and boys should wear a swimsuit that has a drawstring to keep it secure.

Down the road, if you decide that this is the sport for you, the rules change a bit. But from an equipment standpoint diving can be relatively inexpensive.

A Speedo

If you prefer to dive right in and feel you need to be properly equipped, the first thing you want to consider is a competitive swimsuit. These swimsuits are designed to allow a diver to move more freely than a recreational swimsuit – an important aspect in diving. While many times it is known collectively as a "Speedo," they come in a variety of styles and colors and are offered by companies such as Speedo, Nike, Adidas, Tyr, Arena, and Dolfin. Take your time deciding which is best for you because there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable suit - and most swimsuits are non-returnable!

Shammy, Sammy, or Aqua Towel

Once you have chosen a competitive swimsuit, you might want to pick up a shammy. You are probably asking yourself right now, “What in the world is a shammy?” A shammy is a small highly absorbent cloth that divers use to dry off between dives. It is a highly prized piece of equipment in the diving world. It is much easier to use than a bulky towel that once it is wet, stays wet. With the shammy, one quick squeeze and it is dry and ready to use again.

Need a Bag?

And finally, you may want something in which to carry your new swimsuit and shammy. Any type of athletic bag will suffice, but many swimsuit manufacturers also make travel bags that are specific to aquatic sports and can be found at a local sporting goods stores or swim shop.

As a diver advances further in the sport other types of gear such as wrist guards become an option, but for a beginner, any type of swimwear that will stay secure is all you need!