Collecting G.I. Joe Action Figures

"G. I. Joe, G. I. Joe, Fight man from head to toe. On the land, on the sea, in the air." If you were a boy in the sixties, you can probably still sing that jingle! G. I. Joe, was it the first doll for boys or was it even a doll? No, it certainly wasn't a doll. It was in fact, the first action figure.

Debuting in 1964, the four different figures offered included the Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Marine and Action Pilot. The license has included comic books, a TV series, two movies and of course hundreds of action figures and accessories.

The World's Most Expensive Action Figure

The prototype for the G.I. Joe action figure, 'Rocky the Paratrooper,' is on display at the 2003 Hasbro International G.I. Joe Collectors' Convention June 27, 2003 in Burlingame, California. The prototype is expected to fetch $600,000 when it goes up for auction this month. Hundreds of G.I. Joe fans from around the country are attending the convention to buy, sell and trade G.I. Joe and military action figures.
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G.I. Joe started out in life on a Ping-Pong table in the home of Don Levine, VP of Research and Development of Hassenfeld Brothers, Inc. (Later re-named Hasbro Toys). In 2003 the prototype was purchased by Steve Geppi and now resides in the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, MD.

  • Prototype G.I. Joe

G I Joe Time Line

G. I. Joe, "America's Movable Fight Man" was introduced in 1964 with four figures and 75 supporting products. A black soldier was introduced in 1965, with more soldiers in 1966, as well as a talking G.I. Joe a year later. But it wasn't until 1967 that a girl figure showed up as G.I. Nurse, it proved to be very unpopular, but now is one of the most sought after figures in the collectibles world.

G. I. Joe's size changed in 1977 to 8" and the entire line was discontinued in 1978.

In 1982 G. I. Joe showed up again, this time as a 3 3/4" figure.

Over the years Joe has come and gone in a variety of sets, including the return of the 12" figure and return of the 3 3/4" figure, which was originally discontinued in 1994.

The Top Ten G. I. Joe Toys

Krause Publications

What's the holy grail in G. I. Joe toys? According to Karen O'Brien, Toys and Prices 2008, the list* is as follows:

  1. G. I. Nurse, Hasbro 1967 - $5000
  2. Action Soldiers of the World Talking Adventure Pack, Hasbro 1968 - $5,000
  3. Canadian Mountie Set, Sears Exclusive, Hasbro 1967 - $4,000
  4. Flying Space Adventure Set, Hasbro 1970 - $3,700
  5. Army Adventure Pack, Bivouac Equipment Set, Hasbro, 1968 - $3,500
  6. Crash Crew Fire Truck Vehicle Set, Hasbro, 1967 - $3,500
  7. Talking Shore Patrol Set, Hasbro, 1968 - $3,500
  8. Dress Parade Adventure Pack, Hasbro, 1968 - $3,500
  9. Talking Landing Signal Officer Set, Hasbro, 1968 - $3,500
  10. Shore Patrol Equipment Set, Hasbro, 1967 - $3,500
  11. Military Police Equipment Set, Hasbro, 1967 - $3,500

Prices are for ​toys in mint condition.

Miscellaneous Prices and Values

Miscellaneous prices from online auctions:

  • G. I. Joe Comic #154
    Grade: 9.8
    Date Sold: Summer 2008
    Price: $800.
  • G. I. Joe Comic #1
    Grade: 9.8 Date Sold: January 2008
    Price: $203
  • G.I. Joe USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier Condition: Mint in Box
    Date Sold: December 2008*
  • G.I. Joe 1967 Canadian Mountie Figure and Uniform
    Condition: Good with some cracks
    Date Sold: January 2009*
    Price: $1775.
  • G.I. Joe 1983 Destro, 1st card
    Grade: AFA 85
    Price: $1500
  • G.I. Joe Vehicle, Cobra Water Moccasin w/driver figure
    Condition: Mint
    Date Sold: January 2009* Sold: $721.
  • G.I. Joe 1984 Cobra Rattler Jet
    Condition: Mint
    Date Sold: November 2008*
    Price: $616.

40th Anniversary G.I. Joe Figures


Hasbro revolutionized the toy industry when it introduced G.I. JOE, the world's first action figure, in 1964, and in the process, created an American icon. Generations and millions of figures later, Hasbro honored the 40th anniversary of G.I. JOE in 2004 by releasing a line of 40th a40th-anniversaryal edition figures.

  • 40th Anniversary Edition

D-Day and Pearl Harbor Collection


The G.I. JOE Pearl Harbor Collection has figures depicting events during or after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They include the Diamond Head Lookout Invasion Alert figure, who transmitted the first notification, the Hickam Field Army Defender, who stood in defense of the surprise Japanese bombers, and the Battleship Row Defender, who was dressed in the white uniform he wore to attend the Sunday services on deck on the day of the attack.

  • Pearl Harbor Collection
  • D-Day Collection