The 15 Funniest Users In The History of Vine

These creative folks made the BEST six second looping Vine videos.

The website known as Vine shut down in October of 2016, but you can still visit the site to view a few of the best Vine videos created during their four year run. Vine, which was Twitter's video-sharing app for mobile devices, used to be home to some of the funniest, and shortest, viral videos on the web. Many of the internet's most hilarious people used the service to create and upload original, and very funny, looping six second mini-movies.

Take a walk down memory lane with this list of the funniest Vine users in the site's history. While they're not making any more videos, you can still enjoy some of the funniest micro-movies ever made. RIP Vine... you will be missed!

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Katie Ryan

Via Vine/Katie.Ryan.

If you like funny kid videos, you have to check out Katie Ryan and her cute little mini-me, Ava. These clips follow mom Katie and the precocious Ava as the child does typical kids stuff. She's just too cute and funny for words.

In one video, for instance, all she's doing is sniffing lotions... greedily and with great vigor! "I could do this all day," she sighs. 

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Brittany Furlan

Via Vine/BrittanyFurlan.

Brittany Furlan is quirky, pretty, and oh so funny.  Whether she's portraying her Vine character Natalie Nature or just being herself, she's got comedy chops. In fact, in 2015 Time magazine called Furlan "one of the most influential people on the internet," and rumor has it she's working on a TBD sketch comedy show for television.

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Via Vine/lmaojack.

This New Jersey mom has one of the most viewed Vine accounts online, and with good reason -- she's straight up hilarious!

LMAO Jack takes clips from the news, pop culture, YouTube, and just about anywhere else and edits them with text, graphics and sound to make very funny clips.

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Gillian Jacobs

This actress plays "Britta" on the NBC sitcom, Community. Jacobs really gets into her Vine-making! She features her dog quite often, and watching a few of her mini-movies really gives you a good idea about what she might be like to hang out with in real life. And, guess what? We'd really like to hang out with her in real life.

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Brisk God

Via Vine/BriskGod.

This account takes clips from random pieces of video and adds crazy rap songs. The premise is simple, but so funny.  This cute little leaping lizard, for instance, is set to the Kendrick Lamar song "Michael Jordan."

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Christine Sydelko

Via Vine/csydelko.

According to her website, Christine Sydelko is a "21 year old croc enthusiast. Wannabe comedian. Just happy to be here, folks."

Her Vines are fun, witty, and she's not afraid to tell it like it is.

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Will Sasso

This former MadTV cast member knows what's funny, and his comedic chops are on full display on his popular Vine page. Sasso's Vine account has been called "the best thing about Vine, the Internet" by Gawker, and with good reason. Check out his "Lemon" skits or his Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions and try not to laugh.

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Victor Pope Jr.

Via Vine/VictorPopeJr.

This Texas-based comedian always brings the funny with his irreverent takes on pop culture, celebrities, and more. 

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Jackson Holland

Jackson Holland gave us what Mashable called, "the greatest Vine of all time." In it, Holland uses creative editing to "ride" a broom around his kitchen, ala Harry Potter. 

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Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg
Carlo Allegri / Staff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You might recognize actor Adam Goldberg from his roles in major motion pictures and TV shows like Saving Private Ryan, Entourage, and Dazed & Confused, but Goldberg is also largely believed to be the current "King of Vine." Not all of his Vine videos are funny, but he is a true artist when it comes to producing six-second movies as an artform. No list of noteworthy Vine personalities would be complete without including Goldberg.

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Kat Dennings

Fans of the Two Broke Girls star won't be surprised to find that her Vine offerings are typically sarcastic, wry, and utterly hilarious. Plus, she's really pretty, which never hurt anyone.

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James Urbaniak

You may not recognize actor James Urbaniak's face, but fans of the 2003 cartoon, The Venture Brothers might recognize his voice as the character of "Dr. Venture." Urbaniak is a character actor who has an impressive IMDB profile (including a brief turn on NBC's The Office), yet it's on Vine where his comedic talents really shine in the form of perfectly concise, perfectly hilarious six second mini-movies.

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Marlo Meekins

Marlo Meekins really puts a lot of effort into creating her Vines, and it shows. She has created a magnificently dorky character named Rose, and her Vines often include pets, both real and animated. She even had her dog recreate scenes from Back To The Future. This girl really commits!

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Ridd Sorensen

Ridd Sorensen is a cartoon art director who has more creativity in his little finger than the rest of us have in our whole bodies. Seriously. Clicking through his Vine account, you'll see him acting like a dog (complete with butt-sniffing), running from the FBI, attempting to parent his children, and teleporting.

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Chris D'Elia

Chris D'Elia, formerly of the canceled NBC sitcom Whitney, is a stand-up comic, actor, and writer whose Vines are clever, quirky, and definitely funny.

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