4 Funny Valentine's Day and Romantic Videos

Comedy Viral Videos of Love... and Singledom

Valentine's Day is a day of love, so it's only natural that lots of funny people on the internet choose this Hallmark holiday to make fun of anyone who actually found love in their lives. We mock because we love... not because we're insanely jealous. Never!

Check out this list of the best funny Valentine's Day video clips available on the web right now.

The Truth About Being Single

Woman and man in bed.

 Paul Gale Comedy/YouTube.com

At first glance, this video by YouTube comedian Paul Gale seems like a touching romantic 90-second film. Until the last 10 seconds, that is. Turns out, the truth about being single is that we're all entirely too picky.

'When Harry Met Sally: The Thriller'

When Harry Met Sally - The Horror Remix.

 john Piscitello/YouTube.com

Here's proof that movie magic is ALL in the editing, folks! The Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal romantic comedy has been recut as a suspense flick, demonstrated in this mash-up trailer. Adult language.

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Expectations vs. Reality: Valentine's Day!

Expectations vs. Reality: Valentine's Day!.

 Niki and Gabi/YoutTube.com

 Popular YouTubers Niki and Gabi team up with their "twin brothers" (AKA the girls in drag) to bring you this funny video on expectations versus reality.

What it's like: Being Single on Valentines Day!

What it's like: Being Single on Valentines Day!.


Spoiler alert: It's not great being single on V-day. YouTuber CloeCouture explores how it feels to be the one single girl on a day filled with mushy lovers everywhere you turn.

Before you decide to wallow in your bed while eating ice cream, watch this video to remind yourself that you are not alone.