These Funny Tweets About Parenting Are Oh-So Relatable

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Parenting: The Toughest Job You'll Ever Like Well Enough, I Guess

There are so many truths about becoming a parent that are not commonly discussed; like the fact that you most likely won't be able to do so much as go to the bathroom by yourself for the first few years of your kid's life, or the inconvenient certainty that you can no longer perform everyday tasks without being thwarted by a tiny wrecking ball who follows you around all day, undoing everything that you just did. Nobody ever said raising children would be easy, right?

In fact, dip a toe into your average Twitter stream and you will find that parents from all over the world love to commiserate over how difficult it can be to shepherd their children safely to adulthood without wringing their little necks somewhere along the line. These funny parents tweet hilarious observations to the Twittersphere in order to find like-minded friends, and perhaps to help preserve what little remains of their sanity, some days.

If you've ever had one of "those days" while raising your kids (and haven't we all?), take a look at some of these oh-so-relatable tweets about parenting that will make you feel a little less alone in this whole affair.

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Do We Own Stock In The Electric Company?

Just ask any parent: Part of every mom or dad's day is simply walking around the house, flipping light switches back to the off position. Between this and flushing all of the unflushed toilets, it's a wonder that parents ever get anything done.

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Details, Details.

Is it technically kidnapping if you bring the kid back as soon as you notice he's not yours? (Asking for a friend.)

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Not The Blue Plate, You Monster!

True story: toddlers are the pickiest eaters you'll ever meet, yet they will still eat Play-Doh the minute you turn your back.

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Ungrateful Little... Angels

Honesty is usually the best policy, but when it comes to telling mom and dad that they just wasted time and money taking you somewhere? Maybe keep that to yourselves, kids.

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He's Technically Not Wrong

There's also that awkward parenting moment when your kid pronounces something incorrectly and it's really cute and funny, so you don't bother correcting him right away because you like hearing him say it wrong. But who would do that? (Me. It's me. I have done it and I'm not even sorry.)

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Turn It On And Come Back In, Oh, Say 15-20 Minutes

What adult doesn't feel like it takes an extremely long time to boot up in the morning? 

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School Picture Day Is Your Time To Shine

It could be worse! Remember the kid whose mom mixed up picture day with pajama day?

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Don't Fight In Front Of The Children

If you tell us you've never done this, we won't believe you. Nothing personal.

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Too Little, Too Late

I think the horse is out of the barn now, buddy. Closing the gate won't help.

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Every Damn Time

Me: "Oh, what an adorable little baby!"

Baby: "YOINK! I'll just be breaking these. You don't mind, do you? I mean, have you seen how cute I am?"

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"Will That Be All, Master?"

Don't forget that the moment you sit down to your dinner, one of your kids will definitely need you to get them something from the kitchen. Every. Time.

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Take 'Em For A Test Drive

It's a universal truth that kids hate putting shoes on. 

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Keeping It Real

Further proof that there's often a huge difference between reality and what people put on social media.

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I'll Have What He's Having

This one is so true, it hurts.

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Diagnosis: Kids

Prognosis: You should be fine in about 18 years or so, just in time for senility to set in!

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Not That Kind Of Mommy Toy

The one she uses doesn't make very good smoothies. Trust me on that one.

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Consider That World Record Smashed!

"I took the longest time, mom! What do I win? Mom?"

*Cut to dusty skeleton of mom leaning against the counter*

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Being trapped on a bus for hours with your kid and a hundred or so other people's kids? HARD PASS. There's a limit, ya know, and that's way past it.

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It Just Never Works

Raise your hand if you've done this! Bonus points if you put the shoes away for so long that you actually forget all about them for years, until they're also too small for your other kids.

Keep on keeping on, parents of the world! Parenting is no picnic, but we're pretty sure raising kids is why wine was invented.