15 Delightfully Sneaky Pranks

These Gags Are So Subtle, They're Brilliant

Whether it's April Fool's Day or just your average boring Wednesday, pranks are an excellent way to keep your friends and family on their toes. You wouldn't want them to become complacent thinking they're all comfortable and safe from shenanigans, would you? No way! 

Some pranks are obvious, like when someone covers your office cubicle in Justin Bieber posters, for example. Still, there's nothing quite as satisfying as a prank so subtle, your "prankee" might not notice it for days, weeks, or even years. Here are a few of the best.

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Ewok Says, "Hello!"

Ewok picture
Via reddit/s-r-h.

This cute Ewok picture with the caption: "Day 53; the folks still haven't noticed!" was uploaded by a Reddit user and secreted among the family snapshots.

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That's Just Our Russian Cousin

Putin prank
Via Reddit/kittie-cat.

This Redditor is another one who has mastered the "long con" method of pranking. Wonder how long it took for his family to notice Vlad had been "Putin" up on the wall?

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These Copies Need More Nic

Nic Cage Copier prank
Via Mashable.

Some of those office pranks can get very intricate, but this Nicolas Cage caper is just subtle enough to be hilarious.

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Ubiquitous Nic Continued

Nic Cage framed pic
Via reddit/lewp008.

Further proof that Nicolas Cage is in everything, even your living room.

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Wireless Mouse Trap

wireless mouse prank
Via Guff.

For those who want to graduate from passive aggressive to just plain aggressive and still be subtle, simply connect a wireless mouse to some unsuspecting mark's laptop and give their workday an infuriating twist. The perfect prank to pull on that coworker you not-so-secretly hate. Just don't get caught.

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Holiday Prank or Dyslexia?

Rearranged Christmas Decoration
Via reddit/huntinjunkey.

This poor Mom's cutesy Christmas decoration took a strange turn when her kid came home from college. Why believe when you can be evil?

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Nativity Sniper

sniper in manger
Via reddit/taxmaster23.

"Day 14 at my parents' house and they still haven't noticed"

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Pennywise Surprise

Pennywise prank
Via Instagram/marleyransom.

Just cut out a terrifying image and place it in a drawer that doesn't get too much use. Someday, someone looking for something will open it—and scream.

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The Long-Lasting Gum Con

long con gum prank
Via reddit/Ownagetacos.

The prankster who thought this one up spent six months "conditioning" her coworkers by doling out chewing gum to them, only to replace the gum with not-so-delicious Play-Doh on April Fool's Day. Talk about pulling off a long con! Kudos.

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Exterminator, Anyone?

Bug lamp
Via sayyes.com.

Place the faux bug on the lampshade. Walk away. Now, wait for it. Wait for it. And there's your scream.

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This Device Only Accepts Voice Commands

subtle office prank
Via Imgur/Renfieldgrey.

Here's a brilliant way to get your coworkers to shout at inanimate objects— because there's nothing funnier than making people act like they've got a few screws loose!

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Body of Evidence

carpet prank
Via reddit/prettyoffbase.

A Redditor painted this faux crime scene onto the subfloor of the home he was selling for the new owners to discover down the line. Warning: This prank may have legal repercussions. It's possible the police may want to haul you in for questioning when it's found but hopefully, you'll be out of the jurisdiction by then.

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Chicken Soup for the Prankster's Soul

Chicken broth shower prank
Via Imgur.

So mean, but so awesome. The most glorious part of this prank is the slow build-up. The broth is only going to get stronger and more chickeny as the shower progresses but just how long will it take for your target to figure out what's really going on?

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Screen Shot Shenanigans

screen shot prank
Via howtogeek.

Place an embarrassing folder on the desktop, take a screenshot of it, and then set the screenshot as the desktop background. Now watch as your victim scrambles to try to delete the embarrassing folder. An oldie but a goodie! 

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spider cup prank
Via wix.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." The trick to this prank is making sure it looks as if the killer spider actually chewed his way out of the cup.

Some pranks are so sneaky, they're actually beyond clever. Take a look at Jeff Wysaski's Obvious Plant project for inspiration, then check out our collection of iPhone shortcut pranks and 4chan-instigated internet pranks. They're not all subtle but they're good for a few laughs.