These Funny Pictures Will Make You Nope Out

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I'm All Set, Thanks

Toilet Fail
Via vitamin-ha

"Clean up in aisle 4."

And you thought YOUR job was bad. Imagine working at this store! 

Have you ever taken one look at something and thought to yourself, "Uh... NOPE. Not gonna happen!" Of course you have. As a human with a functioning brainstem, you probably notice dozens of things each day that make you cringe and decide to quickly avail yourself of the nearest exit.... 

The images in this gallery are all perfect examples of the "Thanks, I'll pass" meme. Go ahead and try to look at them without NOPE-ing on out of there as fast as your feet can carry you. We'll bet you can't.

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Please Use Floor?

Sign Fail Use Floor
Via Reddit

"Really, on the floor? That doesn't seem right, but if the official-looking sign says so...." *unzips pants*

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Not Sketchy At ALL

Massage Nope
Via Reddit

What a charming and inviting-looking day spa. Move over, Elizabeth Arden! 

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Someday My Prince Will Come, But That Day Is Not Today

Murderer Bob
Via The Chive

Ladies, meet Murderer Bob. He enjoys romantic dinners, long walks on the beach, and murdering women he meets on dating sites. And you thought all the good ones were taken!

To be honest, as weird Tinder profiles go we've definitely seen weirder. We haven't seen scarier, though. You win, Bob! Way to go!

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Good Old Owen Is Always Going the Extra Mile

Cookie Warmed in Owen
Via Reddit

That's really... kind... of you, Owen... but I think I'm all set.

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Hey Sex Offenders, Here I Am!

Sex Offenders
Via Pleated-Jeans

Oh sure, sounds good. What could possibly go wrong?

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That's a Bit Personal, Don't You Think?

Footlong Taint

Yeah, I've got a footlong taint. What of it, Subway? 

As if it wasn't bad enough to have to special order my underwear, now Subway is picking on me too. Jerks.

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Your Kids Can Learn How to Make Meth on Their Very First Day!

Sketchy Daycare
Via ebaumsworld

With a professional sign like that, you can just imagine the kind of focused childcare and education your kids would receive. Get Harvard on the horn and tell them to hold a few spots for Sally's Kids.

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No Sir, I Don't Want to Sign up for That. At All.

Concentration Camp
Via The Chive

Maybe that's not the best name for your ADD camp. Just saying.

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Any Gal, You Say? Any Gal At All?

Milk Gal
Via Imgur

Milk her? I hardly know her!

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This Porta-Potty Is Making Me HUNGRY! (If I Had a Nickle, Am I Right?)

Chicken potty
Via Reddit

If it's not called a Pu Pu Platter, they missed an incredible opportunity.

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*Squealing Brakes* Sorry, Guys; I Need to Make a Quick Stop

McDonald's Sign Fail
Via Pleated-Jeans

As if you need another reason not to eat at McDonald's. 

In a related story, we now know which of you have dirty minds and which of you are saying, "What's wrong with that? Cream pies sound delicious."

Still, this sign could be worse.

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Who Wants Some Warm and Toasty Man Nuts?

Man Nuts
Via Reddit

Mmm, those are good man nuts. They're not as good as dog nuts, but they're close.

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Go Ahead, Dig In

Via r/mildlydisgusting

As tempting as it is to sink your fingers into that communal vat of petroleum jelly, try to resist.

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Pizza With a Little Extra Something

herpes pizza
Via Imgur

I would REALLY prefer my pizza to be herpes-free. I'd even pay extra.

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Vodka + Tobacco = a New Taste Treat

Tobacco Vodka
Via Pleated-Jeans

This is for those of us who have ever been sipping their vodka tonic while thinking, "This is great, but what would be really wonderful is if I could also be tasting tobacco along with my alcohol." And really, haven't we ALL thought that before?

(No. The answer is no.)

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You First

Behind pamphlet
Via Reddit

I would really rather not, but thanks a bunch for asking.

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Screw That

Nail Earplugs
Via Reddit

Go ahead and stick these bad boys into your ear canals. You won't have to worry about hearing anything ever again.

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U-Haul, We'll Charge

U-Haul fail
Via Beheading Boredom

Where did you move, dude? The MOON?

This image reminds me of that old Proclaimers song, "I would walk 16,763,816,157.96 miles, and I would walk 16,763,816,157.96 more...." 

Sorry for the ear worm.

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But What If I Don't Want My Eyes Removed?

eye remover
Via Funnyjunk

When eyebleach won't do, go for the full Monty and just remove those suckers. Who needs 'em, anyway?

There you have it - 20 pictures that immediately make you say NOPE! Say it with me: "I'll pass, thanks!"

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