25 Parents Who Expertly Trolled Their Kids

Sit back and learn from the masters, children.

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Behind every funny person, there's at least one parental figure who had a decent sense of humor. Take a look at 25 hilarious moms and dads who have perfected the art of trolling their offspring!

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Ready To Pick Up The Kids!

Via reddit/TheRandomDreamer.

This mom slipped into the weirdest (but arguably funniest) swimsuit of 2017 for the sole purpose of embarrassing her daughter at school pick up!  Better yet, she wore the garment as a bodysuit under her clothes, leaving just a hint of hairy beer gut exposed for maximum embarrassment. Maybe next time her kids will clean up their rooms the FIRST time she asks!

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I Like Big Cakes And I Cannot Lie

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Feels a little awkward cutting into this cake, but we're sure we'd get past that. 

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The Virginity Protecting Blanket

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How is a dad supposed to shame his daughter into being chaste when he's not around? Put his face on a gigantic blanket, that's how! Just try to get your freak on with dad looking on disapprovingly; we dare you. 

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Just Dropping This Off For Ryan

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Reason #1 why you never ask your prankster dad to drop anything off for you at the school office. 

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He's Like A Delightful Wood Nymph

via Twitter.

Dear Daughter:

You look ridiculous in your Instagram pictures. Don't believe me? See for yourself. 



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Hint, Hint

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If you have something bitter to say, try to sweeten the blow by saying it with cake. Just ask mom - she knows. 

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It's A Christmas Poo

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These parents wrapped up their kid's Christmas present to look like Mr. Hanky, The Christmas Poo from South Park. Talk about a crappy gift!

In case you're wondering, there's a rolled up carpet in there.

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Trapped In The Computer

Via pleated-jeans.

After his daughter watched Tron she confessed to having had a nightmare about her dad being trapped in a computer world. Naturally, this is how her father responded to her concern.

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Had The House Repainted

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Guess whose room that is? We're going to go ahead and guess it's the Dork's room. Are we right?

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Who Wears Short-Shorts?

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He just wanted to show his daughter what she looks like to others when she wears those booty shorts. Good thing he's got the legs to rock this outfit, or else it might look awkward. 

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Cat Sitting Level: Expert

Via Winkgo.

We've definitely seen worse pet grooming fails, but this one wins for the goofy sentiment alone.

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Learning To Drive

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Just another helpful visual to make sure those driving teenagers do the right thing, even when we're not around. That's just good parenting

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You Bet Your Bum They're Funny

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If your parents take the time to send you a picture like this, you must know without a shadow of a doubt that you're NOT adopted. Humor like this is in the genes, baby!

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Surprise Jar Jar

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His father hid in the shower while wearing a Jar Jar Binks mask, just so he could jump out and scare the you-know-what out of his adult son. Bonus: He made sure there was a camera set up to capture the moment.

Parenting: You're doing it right. 

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Long, Luxurious Blond Hair

Via theberry.

"My dad found my cousin's hair extensions and sent my whole family Glamour Shots."

Work it, dad! WERK!

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It Wasn't Even A Good Movie :(

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These parents played the perfect subtle prank on their son by pretending they'd taped over his first birthday video. At least, we hope it was a prank!

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Delicious Cake, Anyone?

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Damn, mom! Kind of harsh, don't you think? We don't joke around about cake!

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The Dog's New Room

via comedycentral.

This kid's hilarious dad busted out the Photoshop to convince him that they'd turned his room into an office for the family dog. Looks legit. 

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Dad Doesn't Like Your New Tattoo

Via justsomething.

She got a new tattoo, and she thinks it looks pretty bad ass. Her dad, however, doesn't think much of it, so he decides to spoof her pictures every chance he gets. 

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This guy decided to show his teenage son how absolutely silly he looks posing for all those social media selfies. Mission accomplished! 

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Somebody Hide His Phone

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"My friend's dad just learned how to take selfies."

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He Got What He Asked For

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He asked for "cold, hard cash." Make it rain, buddy!

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Wow, A New iPad!

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Or... not. Saddest Bazinga ever! 

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And The Award For 'Most Sarcastic Mom' Goes To...

Via Heavy.

This mother! 

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Word To Your Mutha

Via Viral Nova.

If your parents confiscate your phone and THIS is the worst they do, you're doing okay.

Great job, parents! Keep on keeping it real.