Funny Panties With A Message

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Let Your Underwear Do the Talking

Victoria's Secret

Here's how to get the ball rolling on a romantic date-night with your significant other — let your panties send the message. Sporting' Love Me on your rear is sure to make your intentions clear — or at least start a sexy conversation. 

And if this cute bikini doesn't live up to the hype and fan the flames of passion, then at least you'll still have new undies. It's a win-win.

Where To Buy: This panty is a hip hugger style called Love Me by Victoria's Secret PINK. It's cotton with a picot trim, mid-rise height and a full coverage back.

Looking for more cute bikinis — or undies with funnier sayings? Read on.

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Be Bold — Get Right To the Point


Here's a style that has a message that's sexy and cute, without being too sappy. Shut Up And Kiss Me gets right to the point.

The message is printed on the back of these hipster boy-cut briefs. The front features a heart-shaped lip stamp, which I think is so cute.  

Where To Buy: You can order this boy short style at CustomGlamGirl. 

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Wear These to Dance in the Bedroom


Are people always admiring your rear? Do you enjoy twerking — aka Miley's move? Try wearing these next time you're dancing in your underwear in your bedroom. Werk It, and be proud doing so. Claim the saying as your own. 

Where To Buy: This style is called the Seamless Hipster Panty by PINK  by Victoria's Secret. It's a low-rider, and fits like a cross between a boyshort and bikini. It's a smooth, stretchy polyester blend that's seamless, so it won't show panty lines. 

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Create a Custom Message in Rhinestones


Why get a panty with a message printed in plain 'ol block letters when you can get one in sparkling rhinestones?

Customize these with your love's name, your own name — or any message. I'm sure the girl who's wearing "Matt's Girl" on her rear is making Matt feel special — or at least laugh, if he's not the sappy romantic type. 

Where To Buy: You'll find all types of underwear that you can customize with any message in rhinestones at CustomGlamGirl.

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Steal This Sparkly Seductive Message


This glitzy rhinestone bikini is from the same e-tailer as the last style in photo #4 — but now the lucky Matt is getting a more risqué message, it seems.

Steal this sexy saying if you can't come up with an original, to customize your own bikini. (Just remember to change the name, or your significant other might have a totally different reaction than intended.) 

Where To Buy: You'll find these in different colors and styles that you can customize at the e-tailer, CustomGlamGirl.

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A Sexy Reminder of the Weekend

Victoria's Secret

Ah, my favorite saying, Is It Friday Yet? Wear this skimpy little hot pink G-String any day of the week, as a happy reminder that the weekend is always just days away.   

Where To Buy: This sexy little hot pink number is called a V-String by Victoria's Secret PINK. They created a new name, for the tiniest panty they make — substituting the G in G-String with a V, of course.  

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A Cute Naughty Message

Knaughty Knickers on Etsy

Whether you're naughty or nice, this little boyshort is really cute in baby pink, with Naughty printed in a classic typewriter font.

The panty is a hip hugger style, with a fold-over elastic waistband. It's made from soft 95% cotton with 5% spandex, so it's comfortable and stretches to hug your curves.

Where To Buy: It's called the Bella Shortie, by Knaughty Knickers on Etsy.

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Hashtag Panties for Every Day of the Week


If you're as compulsive as I am about sharing your status on Facebook or posting photos to Instagram, then you may appreciate these — panties that will remind you of the hashtag of the day, and you'll have one for every day of the week. 

Shown above are: #SundayFunday, #ManCrushMonday, and #TransformationTuesday

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Are You a 'Hot Wife'?


If you've got a wife, these make a great gift. There's meaning behind the joke - they're a funny way to remind your love that you think she's hot. So re-ignite the sparks in your marriage by sending this message.

And if you're the wife - get these for yourself! Proudly display your status — HotWife — on your rear. It can be a little reminder to your other half of just lucky they are.

These panties are an appropriate fire-engine red, with a comfortable mens' inspired wide waistband. 

Where To Buy: This style by GK Design at CafePress.

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Shop-a-holics, Take Note: The Anti-Exercise Bikini

Victoria's Secret

If you would rather spend your morning shopping instead of running on a treadmill (and who wouldn't?), then proudly display this message on your backside. It's probably toned from all that walking around the mall, no?.  

Where To Buy: This bikini is hilariously called the Anti-Exercise Panty by Victoria's Secret PINK. It's a hipster style with a low-rise, and fits like a cross between a boyshort and a bikini. 

It's also seamless and won't show panty lines, which might be useful during your next shopping trip if you're trying on curve-hugging dresses. 

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How A Grown Woman Can Still Dress Like a Superhero


Show your sexy superhero side with this collection of bikini underwear that features Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman designs. Flashy gold utility belts that resemble superhero costumes are printed on the panties.

Where To Buy: The Superhero Panty 3-pack is available at Pinup Girl Clothing.

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Calling All Cat Lovers


Obsessed with cute cats? Then these panties will make you smile. Or give them as a gift, to any of the feline fans in your life.

Where To Buy: This panty style is called a low rise boypant, and it's at TopShop.

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Love in Sparkles by Ashley Stewart, in Plus Sizes

Ashley Stewart

Wear this pretty "Love" on your rear, in a silver sparkly print, that shines against this panty's "Tango Red" hue. This is a seamless style that's available in an extended range of sizes, up to 24, for curvy figures. 

Where To Buy: The "Love" Seamless Boyleg Panty is at Ashley Stewart.

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Soft Organic Cotton, Adorned With Hearts


Make sure that the underwear you wear everyday is just as cute as your fancy styles.

This panty is a French bikini style, and it's adorned with the cutest little heart print. It's made from super-soft organic cotton that's bound to be super comfortable.

Where To Buy: This bikini panty is by Only Hearts at Journelle.

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A Cherry Brief With Garters, for Retro Lovers

Lucy B

Wear this, and what is your underwear saying? That you're a fan of all things retro — and maybe you would like to dress like a pin up girl?

This high waist brief has an adorable cherry pattern, and garter straps to attach to your thigh high stockings. It is made from pink girdle fabric, so it's a panty that's also shapewear.

Where To Buy: This limited edition high waits panty is called Fast Cherries at Lucy B.

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Shake It


Know anyone obsessed with ice cream? This cute mid-rise panty may not look luxurious, but it will feel silky against your skin — it's made from Peruvian Pima cotton, mixed with elastane for stretch and a sleek fit. 

Where To Buy: This panty is called "Shake It" and it's part of the cheeky collection at Naja.

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Ocean Lovers


Cartoon lovers, this boypant is for you. They're the color of the sea, with Nemo — and sharks — on the front and back.

Where To Buy: This is the Finding Nemo low rise boypant at TopShop.