15 Funny Memes About Spring

Spring is finally here and with it comes a slew of funny memes. Because sometimes the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the temperatures are finally warming up. And sometimes they are...not. Sometimes it seems like the weather report tells us something entirely different. The one constant amid the seasonal turmoil is funny memes. Here are 15 that will make you laugh—and get you ready for warmer weather.

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Play on Words

Wet our plants pun
Via Imgur.

Who doesn't love a good spring pun? This funny sign is an old standby on the web meme circuit. And we're sure that more than a few nurseries have adopted it since it first appeared.

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Fashion Humor

shave ankles for sandals
Via Heavy.

Ain't this the truth, ladies? Many women tend to let things go in the leg-shaving department during the coldest months, so it's tough to stop come spring. Which is okay. Because why bother to keep the entire length of your stems smooth when you're not planning to show them for a few more months yet? Besides, all that extra hair provides cold weather protection. It's not gross; it's science.

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Weather—Or Not

weatherman spring meme
Via Dumpaday.

Poor meteorologists just can't seem to keep up with spring's fickle weather patterns—but at least they're just struggling to predict the weather instead of getting attacked by animals or making inappropriate jokes on the air, like these weathermen who are having very bad days.

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Out of Control Pests

Mosquito Spring Meme
Via Imgur.

Creepy little vampires that they are, you better believe that those evil mosquitos can't wait to suck your blood. A little moisture, a spate of warm weather, an optimistically planned barbecue, and—bam!—you're what's for supper.

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Our Friends to the North

Meanwhile in Canada
Via Dumpaday.

Who says you need sunshine to have a fun spring break? Not these hardy Canadians, eh? We guess you could make a similar meme about Minnesotans, too, but somehow Canadians always get the bigger laughs.

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Life's a Beach

Spring break versus me IRL
Via Meme Center.

Hmm, when faced with the choice of a crowded beach filled with badly sunburned and hard-partying college kids or lounging on the couch while perfecting the art of laziness, which would you choose?

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What's So Funny About STDs?

Spring in the air science fair
Via Reddit.

Um, nothing says "spring" quite like a sexually transmitted disease? We just never know what those crazy kids are going to say, do we? Then again, I suppose we can think of this as a public service announcement?

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What a Hoot

Spring snow owl
Via Heavy.

We have all been where this poor little feller has been. Well, those of us who live in places where it snows more frequently than it should ever, ever snow have been there, at least.

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The 'tunes Know the Score

Spongebob meme
Via Mainememes.

Once again, SpongeBob Squarepants is an unlikely voice of reason. We're pretty sure Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are, too, but we didn't have room for them. That's okay, you can Google.

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Visual Puns

funny spring pun
Via Pleated-Jeans.

Yeah, yeah, we see what they did there. But admit it, you laughed. Is there nothing the punsters won't get their hands on?

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Oh, Here They Are

Spring in Minnesota
Via Reddit.

Minnesota, Canada, New England? Ultimately, there is no difference when it comes to spring. Cold is cold, as is the ability to make fun of those who insist on living in those kinds of climates.

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Let It Snow

South Park Spring Meme
Via Meme Generator.

What is it about the first day of spring that always seems to make Mother Nature play that last card up her sleeve? Just when you think you're out of the woods, think again. It's snowing.

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Because It's Not a Meme Without...

Grumpy Cat spring meme
Via Official Grumpy Cat.

...Grumpy Cat. Who, it seems, has to put her official paw of approval on just about every meme that comes down the pike. Or disapproval, as the case may be.

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More Feline Shenanigans

Spring cat meme
Via Dumpaday.

So that's where that dog went. They never suspect the cat. By the way, this devious cat would fit in quite nicely on this list of animals who think they're people! Just get him a pipe and a hat and he'd fit right in with Business Cat and the rest of the internet's most famous felines.

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Put a Quote Around It

Dr. evil "spring"
Via Meme Generator.

When all else fails, Dr. Evil is always good for a laugh. One million of them.