25 Hilariously Honest Marriage Memes That Every Couple Will Understand

First comes love, then comes marriage... then come the snarky remarks

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Being married can be a wonderful thing, but when you spend copious amounts of time with a single human being, you're bound to run into a few road blocks. Whether it's how low (or how high) to keep the thermometer in the house or the endless debate about what to have for dinner, most people who've been married for any period of time have come to embrace the humorous side of their union.

The internet is full of funny marriage memes and tweets that perfectly sum up what it's like to be married to the same person for years on end. The funniest of those memes tend to focus on those goofy everyday occurrences that rankle our partners subtly over time, but there are also lots of memes that focus on the sweet, funny parts of being married. Take a look at some of the best of the bunch.

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Phil Dunphy Gets It

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The "Modern Family" dad (played by Ty Burrell) is always making these sorts of sneakily-keen observations, and we laugh every time.

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Just Picking up the Necessities

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"Wife: Just stick to the grocery list

Me: I am

Wife: Nothing but what's on the list

Me: [crossing fingers] I promise"

-- Twitter

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Be Kind... Mostly.

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Sometimes love means hitting your partner over the head with a pillow... and sometimes, love means not just wanting to be hit with the pillow, but needing it.

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Sexy Talk Isn't What it Used to be.

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It seems that doing laundry is an ongoing issue in many married households. All we can say is just wait until you have kids and need to keep up with all of their dirty socks, too!

It's never-ending!

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She's Just Being Helpful

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Just keep quiet and nobody gets hurt, buddy. That's the first rule of married life.

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Will Ferrell Said it Best

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While a slow internet connection works best, there are lots of other annoying life experiences that would also show someone's true character. See also: getting stuck in traffic and standing in line behind a person with 10,000 expired coupons at the grocery store.

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It's Funny 'cuz it's True

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This isn't even a joke; it's just true facts.

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It's not Lost Unless Mom Can't Find it.

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"I knew I saw it somewhere!"

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I Can Feel the Love

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"You already ate yours! Go away"

This one's for any person who's ever been looking forward to enjoying some delicious leftovers... only to discover that your spouse got there first. 

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Parenting: You're Doing it Right

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What's the point of even having children if you can't embarrass them every so often? These parents are crushing it!

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What a Sweet Thing to Say

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Our only question is, what is the purpose of a van with "2 Hr Poo" license plates? We're legitimately asking.

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I Don't Think That's What 'Compromise' Means

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Cute doggie, though!

Also, if losing an argument means getting an adorable pupper, I'd say you BOTH won.

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Interesting Choice of Decor

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I think he nailed it! 

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Very Important Reminder

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Here's another perfect example of not just married life, but adulthood as a whole. If the only thing on your calendar is "ham expires," it might be time to get out more. Maybe join a book club or something?

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Seems Logical

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This was probably his wife's goal the entire time, to be honest. If there's a better way to hide from the kids than becoming part of your mattress, we haven't found it.

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This is No Job for 2-Ply

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When one little square just won't do it.

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"Love" Notes

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Personal favorite: "After today, only one more day of casserole!"

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Well, Now You Know

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You're welcome! 

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Poetry in Motion

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When accepting compliments, crunching loudly on a bag of chips is the only way to go.

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Facebook is Not Real Life

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Never take a Facebook post at face value, folks. 

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Good Catch

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I'm not great at math either, but this seems like a miscalculation.

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He's Very Literal

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Some might say too literal.

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True Intimacy

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Why do we all think our significant other wants to hear about our bodily functions? 

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This Checks Out

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9 times out of 10, we do need something at the store.

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And Finally, Some Darn Good Advice

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Now that's a good feeling!