These People Haven't Quite Gotten The Hang of Working Out

man laying under boxing practice dummy


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I Meant To Do That!

Face face planting on a treadmill
Via Twitter @UnkemptShow.

Everybody knows that you're supposed to exercise in order to maintain good physical health, but if we're being completely honest, most people work out for one reason and one reason only: They want to look good naked. That means that at any given gym, you're going to find only a handful of true athletes who are there for the endorphin rush and all that jazz; the rest of the gym-goers you'll find are average Joes who are dragging themselves through a workout routine so that they can stay trim enough to button their pants each morning.

Sometimes these workout wannabes jump right into joining a gym with zero training or knowledge of how all of that fancy Nautilus equipment actually works, which is where the comedy of the #gymfail comes in! All of the people in the gifs below are working very hard at getting fit, and we applaud them for their efforts, really! But, quite frankly... they're doing it wrong, and they look ridiculous. Don't believe us? See for yourself.

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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!

Via Giphy.

This is one of the funniest treadmill clips on the internet (and there are a lot of treadmill fails to choose from!). The best part, IMHO, is when his shoe goes flying up at the end.

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Am I Doing This Right?

Via Giphy.

We've seen a lot of food-related fails on the web, but this takes the cake! What do you think - is this an ingenious snack-delivery system, or did he miss the point of this whole 'exercising' thing?

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Well, That Was Unexpected

Woman fails on exercise machine

That awkward moment when you're working out and suddenly you find yourself looking squarely at your own butt. She looks strikingly similar to that bizarre (but hilarious!) Kate Moss statue from a few years ago! 

Also, ouch! That really had to hurt.

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Pow, Right In The Kisser!

person drops dumbell weights on self

We're not exactly sure what these two gym bros were trying to accomplish with this pose, but we're certain that he wasn't expecting to take a 10-pound weight to the face.

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Nice Form, Bad Move

Man fails to mount pole

Sorry, dude, but you are going to have to put a pin in that dream of becoming an exotic dancer.

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Speaking Of Pole Dancing Fails

Man stuck on pole

This is painful to watch. He didn't even come close, but good for him for getting out there in his Underoos to show us how bad he is at pole dancing.

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Y Tho?

Woman who does not know how to use a leg machine

Has she never seen a chair before? Somebody, please help this clueless lady out!

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That Does Not Look Comfortable

Woman not doing crunches correctly

Is she working on strengthening her neck? Because whatever it is that she's doing, isn't doing much. 

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Having A Ball

Man falls onto treadmill while carrying a large exercise ball

What exactly was the goal here? What did he THINK was going to happen? 

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Nice Try

man not using exercise machine right

He seems to be working up a pretty good sweat for someone who is doing completely ineffectual exercise moves! 

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Rage Against The Machine

Man failing to put weight on exercise machine

Again, we're not sure what he was actually trying to do with this machine, but we're 100% certain that this wasn't it. 

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What Planet (Fitness) Are You From?

Man riding hand bars of exercise machine

Whee! What a fun bouncy thingy! I could sit on it and bounce all day long!

Buddy, it's not a piece of playground equipment. Someone send help!

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What A Dummy

Kid fails to jump kick dummy

Watch out, Chuck Norris. This man will mess you up with his slick ninja moves! 

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Getting Ready For Bikini Season Like:

Woman dancing on stair climbing machine

Maybe ease off the caffeine a little, girlfriend. You're giving ME heart palpitations! 

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What Muscle Group Does This Target?

woman riding on one side of walking machine

It must be 'Take Your Mom To Workout' day. 

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The Chocolate Workout

Man eats chocolate while working out

Finally, a workout routine I can get on board with! Sign me up for this class. 

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When Tarzan Hits The Gym

Man failing to use exercise equipment correctly

You can take the man out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the man. 

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Oh Hi, Physics

Man throws exercise ball at wall, it bounces back and knocks him down

We did not see that coming. Oh wait, yes we did because we're aware of how basic physics work.

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Last But Not Least....

dog rubbing but on floor next to man doing bench press

Possibly the greatest exercise gif on the planet! This is what you get for setting up a video camera of yourself lifting weights. Dogs always seem to find a way to keep their humans humble.

Don't let these gym fails keep you from working on your bods, friends! We're sure nothing like this would ever happen to you... but if it does, please take videos.