Really Funny Drawings To Lighten Your Spirits

Funny Drawings For Priceless Fun of Everyday Life!

Funny Monkey Drawing Eating Banana
Funny Monkey Having Lunch. Getty Images

Funny Drawings

Funny drawings are positive all around. They entertain the artist and the audience, and their diverse nature keeps them interesting. 

Have you wanted to explore the world of funny art? Here are some categories to get your imagination cogs turning:

Funny Images

Funny images are all around you. Open your eyes and take a peek. Does having a “wet floor” sign sitting on carpet make you giggle? Do the ducks in the park make you chuckle? Anything you see has the potential to become a funny drawing.

Funny Pictures

If you need something a little more concrete than fleeting images in your day-to-day life, you can turn to funny pictures for inspiration. Google “funny picture,” and there are plenty of snapshots to motivate your art!

Funny Political Cartoons

Not all humor has to be goofy: there’s humor in pointing out flaws in the system. One of the best ways to create funny political cartoons is to lean on caricatures for you art. The key to a caricature is to feature on the most prominent and silly feature of the person you’re drawing, and then exaggerate it!

Funny Selfies

Need a reference but don’t want to go find one? Take a selfie! You can make a host of hilarious faces for reference, and then interpret them however you want. In fact, the old time animators at Disney used to use mirrors so they could use their own faces to inspire and help them when animating.

Funny Animations

Love Bugs Bunny, Tweety, and Wiley Coyote? Why not use them to spark your funny drawings! Classic funny animations are a phenomenal source for visual humor because –guess what! – all of those characters were meticulously drawn by hand!

A tip you can take away from Loony Toons and the like is the suspension of reality. Obviously a coyote running off a cliff won’t hover in the air for a few seconds, his eyes bulging out of his head, but in a cartoon he can! Ignoring the rules of gravity and such can add so much hilarity to your drawings.

Funny Old Men/Kids/Babies/YouTube Clips

One of the best places to look for funny moments is at the world around you. Old men, kids, and babies in particular are usually animated, which will provide you with good material for your funny drawings. 

Another untapped resource for funny drawings is YouTube. One of the benefits here is that their personalities on YouTube are already exaggerated versions of themselves, so they’re making large gestures and big facial expressions to get their points across. Hit “pause” on a video to freeze on a hilarious face and get drawing!

Comedian Spoofs

Sometimes drawing inspiration isn’t something you see: it’s something you hear. Listening to stand-up comics is a great way to jump-start your funny bone. They might offer a perspective on some mundane thing that will send you down a rabbit hole of inspiration.

Funny Sketches

SNL always aims to be on the forefront when it comes to what’s “funny.” From a cast of kooky characters to zany scenarios, funny sketches are great framework for funny drawings. 

Single Panel Cartoons

What’s funnier than the funnies?

Now, you don’t need to go and draw a whole comic strip, but why not give the single panel cartoon a shot? Classics like The Far Side and Family Circus can provide great inspiration for putting your funny drawings into cartoons.

Funny Families

Who doesn’t have old family photos laying around? If you don’t have any at your house, check with a grandparent or older relative. Someone’s sure to have something.

Old family photos tend to depict funny families, which make for great references for funny drawings. Family photos of old have a tendency to capture hilarious hair styles, odd fashion choices, and weird wallpapers in the background.

The Incredibles

One last place to look for inspiration for funny drawings is funny animated movies. 

The Incredibles, Pixar’s much-loved movie about a family of superheroes, is full of characters that are funny to draw. From Elastigirl, who can stretch and bend like a rubber band, to Frozone, who shoots ice from his hands, these characters offer a lot of room to play artistically.

One of the benefits of using animated characters as reference for your art is that they’re already designed with simple lines and colors. Rather than trying to turn a photo of your grandma into a drawing, why not turn an animated grandma into a drawing?