These Funny Coincidences Have To Be A Glitch In The Matrix

matching ladies reading newspaper
Via reddit/Handicapreader.
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Coincidence or Glitch In The Matrix? Or Both?

matching ladies reading newspaper
Via reddit/Handicapreader.

Fans of The Matrix movie trilogy will tell you that in the film's dystopian society, there are no coincidences. Instead, whenever you see something odd, like two or three people who are inexplicably dressed identically in the same place at the same time, what you're really witnessing is a "glitch in the Matrix." The idea is that what we humans perceive as reality is actually just one big computer simulation, and like all things technological, sometimes there are bugs that make things go a bit teensy bit wonky from time to time.

Have they tried turning it off and then turning it back on?

The "glitch in the Matrix" concept is a popular (and funny!) web meme. Here are twenty of the funniest - and weirdest - coincidences ever caught on camera. Take a look and decide: are these situations merely a coincidence, or are we truly just naked human pod people suspended in goo with a bunch of tubes coming out of our heads? You be the judge.

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Snowden Reading About Snowden

Snowden glitch in matrix
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Wow, does this guy look like that Wikilinks ex-patriot guy, Edward Snowden, or what? He looks so similar, we actually had to Google it to make sure it wasn't him. (It's not.) Just a Snowden doppelganger... no big deal. 

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Are We Seeing Double?

glitch in matrix meme
Via Acid Cow.

Speaking of doppelgangers... Paul MacLean, coach of the Ottawa Senators, was apparently unaware that his clone was standing right behind him at a game.

I've seen enough horror movies to know that whatever he does, he should NOT turn around. 

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Twins On A Train

twins sleeping on bus
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What are the chances of two identically-dressed guys falling asleep on the same train? I'm no mathematician, but I think the probability is low.

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Double Your Fun

twins at bus stop
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Just two dudes waiting for a bus. Nothing to see here.

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Okay, This Is Getting Weird

identical ladies
Via funniestmemes.

I suppose it's possible that these are two grown sisters who choose to dress identically in public. Stranger things have happened. People are weird.

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Strangers In Matching Cosby Sweaters

old guys sweater
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Was there a sale at Sears, or is this some kind of time traveling phenomenon? Fellas, whatever you do, don't try to meet yourself in the future or else bad things will happen. Haven't you seen the Back To The Future movies??

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Hipster Inception

hipster glitch
Via reddit/b8con.

This doesn't necessarily have to be a glitch in the Matrix. It could just be a Saturday in Silicon Valley.

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Darn, I Missed Leather Jacket and Jeans Day Again

blondes on bus
Via worldwideinterweb.

It's okay though, because I'm not a blonde.

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This Lane Is For Red Minivans Only

red vans matrix
Via blazepress.

The same color would be one thing, but the same exact model of van too? This is getting stranger and stranger.

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Mirror Image Grannies

ladies on bus matrix
Via reddit/glitch.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time examining this photo for signs of a mirror. What the what?

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Copy and Paste Diners

restaurant matrix
Via reddit/L33SA.

These strangers are not identical, they're just dressed identically. Not weird at all!

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That Awkward Moment...

twin guys eating lunch
Via theawesomedaily.

No word on whether or not these faux twinsies ordered the same lunches.

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Two Cats Are Better Than One

cat matrix
Via Reddit/HippyCapitalist.

What's even real anymore? We don't have any way of knowing. It's anarchy! 

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License To Freak People Out

car matrix
Via Imgur/IWishIKnewHowToQuitYou.

Two randomly assigned license plate numbers assigned to two exactly identical cars. Either someone at the DMV was having fun, or this Matrix is beyond glitchy.

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This Coincidence Is Downright Criminal

Matrix criminal sign
Via Imgur/ErfWerm.

Well, this is awkward. *Dialing phone number* "Hello, I'd like to report a crime. I don't know what he did, but he looks guilty as hell!"

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Two Wizards Get On A Bus Together...

commuting wizards
Via Imgur/represto.

...What happens next will shock you!

Nah, just kidding.  This is clearly just two wizards on their way to work. How did you think they got there? Magic?

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Hello Stranger-Who-Could-Be-My-Brother

doppleganger matrix
Via Imgur/sweetcaroline5683.

Oh ya' know, just hanging out at the football game when SUDDENLY I SAW MY IDENTICAL TWIN. Just a typical Friday night under the lights, am I right?

Okay, now I'm convinced we're all actually living inside a complicated computer simulation. I don't know about you, but I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords. (What choice do we have?)

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