3 Hilarious Broadway Audition Songs for Lower Female Voices

3 Hilarious Broadway Solos

woman standing at microphone on stage
Kris Ubach and Quim Roser Cultura Exclusive/Getty Images

Funny Broadway pieces for women are easy to find. However, singing “I Cain’t Say No,” from Oklahoma! will not easily land you a part in a serious production. Songs from older movie musicals are not only simpler to sing, but they are oversung. Your adjudicators have likely heard Ado Annie’s drawl close to a hundred times already. Musically the style of modern musicals is more varying. You may sing country western, rock, or simply more up-tempo. Here are several options for funny audition pieces from more recent shows.

“Model Behavior,” from Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

The show opened on Broadway in 2010 and reached the West End in London in 2015 and is filled with female songs great for auditions. It received 3 Tony Award nominations and 6 Drama Desk Award nominations and won outstanding featured actress for the women who originally sang this song. The story revolves around several women in unhappy relationships. Pepa has just been left by Iván, while Candela finds out her perfect man might be a terrorist. This song is Candela’s hilarious description of her predicament to Pepe via the answering machine. Since Pepe is busy with her own life, it includes several messages. Not only is Candela’s predicament ludicrous, but her reaction to it is even more so. At one point she gets sidetracked by trying to convince Pepa she is not overacting because once there was a spider that Pepa said was just a raisin and then it bit Candela’s toe.

Vocal range is from F3 to C5 or four notes below middle C and one octave above.

“The History of Wrong Men,” from Kinky Boots

Originally premiering in Chicago in 2012 and later on Broadway in 2013, the show written by Cyndi Lauper won six Tony Awards including best musical and score. The story is about two father and son relationships. One son, Charlie, wants to be a real estate agent while his father wants him to take over the family shoe factory. When Charlie’s father suddenly dies and the shoe factory is revealed to be on the verge of bankruptcy, he decides to try and save the factory by creating women’s shoes designed to be comfortable for men to wear. Lauren helped come up with this plan and in the process realizes she is falling for Charlie and sings this song in reaction. It is at times lamenting her situation and at other times making fun of it.

Vocal range is between Bb3 to D5 or one and a half steps below middle C and nine notes above.

"Ireland" from Legally Blonde

Opening on Broadway April 2005 and on West End in January 2010, the show was incredibly popular with seven Tony nominations, ten Drama Desk nominations, and later five Laurence Olivier Awards, winning the Best New Musical. The show revolves around Elle Woods, who is portrayed as an effervescent, pink obsessed President of sorority Delta Nu and local resident of Southern California. She is in love with her boyfriend Warner from the east coast, who dumps her for not being serious enough. She manages to get accepted into Harvard Law School in order to impress him, only to find he has a new girlfriend. Most of her classmates do not take her seriously, but she finds a few friends including Paulette her hairdresser whose life is turned around for the better with Elle’s help. By the end of the show, Elle ends up the valedictorian of her class and finds a more suitable love interest. In “Ireland,” Elle has just come to Paulette to get her hair dyed brown. She thinks that will make Warner think she is more serious. But, Paulette tells her she has won the hair lottery. She puts on a calming CD called “Celtic Moods.” She shares that when she is having a hard time she pretends to be with Enya and the whales in Ireland. Her quirky representation of Ireland is hilarious, but also tempered by her belief she will never see it.

Vocal range is from A#3 to B4 or two notes below middle C and seven notes above.