Funny Baby Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Parenthood

Via Getty Images/Caroline Woodham and Reddit

Every parent enjoys snapping photos of their pride and joy, and brand new parents are always coming up with creative ways to memorialize their baby's many milestones, from first Halloween to first birthday cake.

Many parents seek photoshoot inspiration on Pinterest and other crafting sites, where they can find plenty of perfect-looking, high-production-value baby photos. However, in real life, babies are notoriously squirmy and unpredictable subjects, which means many of the actual photos are not exactly pin-worthy. Luckily for us, the photos are hilarious (and always adorable).

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Surprise Water Fountain

Via Peekaboo Photos

Oh boy. If you've ever changed a baby boy's diaper, you've more than likely experienced the "accidental water feature" aspect of parenting. The look on this new dad's face is absolutely priceless!

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The Oh-So-Cute Kissing Baby's Cheeks Shot

Via Bored Panda

Step one: make sure your baby's current facial expression doesn't resemble a disgruntled old man complaining about his lunch.

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Baby in a Tonka Truck

Via Twitter

Maybe this shot would have worked better if the baby had been asleep. Instead, he looks utterly bewildered, and those stiff little legs are cracking us up!

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That Awkward Moment When Your Newborn Looks Like Popeye

Via Margaret/Awkward Family Photos

According to Awkward Family Photos:

“This was the photo shoot for my newborn son. I was supposed to be looking lovingly at him and instead sneezed all over him. The photographer caught it at just the right moment.”
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Adorable Peeking out of the Blanket Shot

Via Getty Images/Caroline Woodham and Reddit

Some babies are born with attitude, and this little guy on the right is surely one of them.

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Jolly Little Christmas Elves

Via Bored Panda

Model babies: "Look at us in our cute little Santa hats!"

Regular babies: "How many of these bright, sparkling baubles do you think I can fit in my mouth?"

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Baby in a Pumpkin

Via Blaze Press

Halloween is coming, so let's scoop out a gourd and put our baby inside! What a cute picture that would make.

There's only one problem: have you ever felt what the inside of a pumpkin is like? Slimy, sticky, hard... not exactly prime baby textures. I'd cry too.

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Balloons in the Crib

Via Instagram

What a fun, mirthful idea for a photo! What toddler wouldn't love having a bunch of latex balloons crowding their crib? (All of them, we'd wager.)

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Baby's First Birthday Cake

Via Blaze Press

It's all fun and games until you get frosting in your eyes. 

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Cute Baby Reading a Book

Via Getty Images/Minchen Liang / EyeEm and Imgur

Looks like somebody's got gas, and it's not the kid on the left.

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Baby Covered in Kisses

Via Bored Panda

"Mo-oom! Stop kissing me!"

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Parents Kissing Baby Cheeks, Take 2

Via Instagram

They weren't even going for perfection, but they still achieved it. 

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Baby's First Photoshoot

Via Reddit

Mom seems to think this is hilarious, but then again, she wasn't the one scrubbing spit-up out of her hair afterwards, was she? 

What's a little spit-up between family members?

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Parents Handing Baby Over

Via Pinterest/robadadonne

The real-life version of this photograph looks a bit like they're handing their baby over for some nefarious reason. The baby's face is like, "WTH is happening here?"

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Cute Little Sailor Baby

Via Getty Images/ and Imgur 

Baby on the left is totally pulling off that sailor suit, whereas baby on the right looks like a very confused Pillsbury Dough Boy. 

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Adorable Baby Witch Flying on her Broom

Via Bored Panda

Or... whatever is happening here. Tell the truth; is there even a baby in there at all?

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Little Cutie Wearing a Santa Hat

Via Memolition

Or, Santa hat wearing a little cutie. Either, or!

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Baby Dressed as Frosty the Snowman

Via Imgur

That baby is not having ANY of this dress up stuff! That is the face of a baby who is really, really tired of his mom being so extra.