Funny and Embarrassing Cheerleading Moments

Stories submitted by cheerleaders

Little girl cheering at football game
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We've all had those moments when we'd like to run and hide. And as a cheerleader you're in front of crowds all the time, so chances are pretty good that eventually, something funny and embarrassing has happened to you. Here's a collection of funny and embarrassing cheerleading moments and stories submitted by cheerleaders. Enjoy.

Submitted by: Kelly Title: Football Season Pep Rally
Ok, it was the first week of my Junior year of school and that Friday we had our usual football season pep rally. We were next to preform our dance that we had just learned at cheer camp a week or two ago. We went out into our places and don't you know our music won't start. The whole school is waiting. My coach finally got it to start and about 5 counts into it, the music shuts off. It did this about 4 times until we got to dancing. How embarrassing. Needless to say, We did it!

Submitted by: Ashleigh Title: GO...TEAM...Splat!
Last year, I was cheering for football. During our homecoming game, we have lots of funny things that we do to get the fans into the festive mood. I was really surprised by something that happened to me. My friend Katie, who is also on the cheer team, arranged for some girls from the basketball team to embarrass me during the football game. I was cheering, when all of a sudden I get a creme pie smashed in my face from behind. I was totally surprised and shocked. When I turned around to see who had done it, I got blasted with a second creme pie in the face and I fell back right on my butt. I was so embarrassed, I could hear hundreds of people laughing. I rolled over on my hands and knees to wipe some of the whip creme off my face and I felt someone quickly lift my skirt and then splat a third creme pie on my butt. Wowsers...I was totally embarrassed! It was very funny but I still blush about it. Oh, I'm gonna get Katie back this year during cheer.

Submitted by: captain- cheer princess Title: Wrong School
Since I moved to Maryland I left my old school behind, but I still cheer for them. I didn't think I would make the J.V. cheer squad up here so I signed up for pop warner cheerleading at my old school.Well turns out I made the J.V. squad despite my doubts.Once cheerleading started I knew I had a bunch of cheers to memorize.A few of the cheers are the same, so one day at practice I was talking to my best friend and I didn't realize that the squad started a cheer that was exactly like my old school's. I immediately joined in but instead of yelling "Go Colonels" I yelled "Go Raiders". I was so embarrassed that now I pay very close attention to what squad I'm yelling for!

Submitted by: Hottie Title: Nice One!
Okay. So, my squad and I were at an away game. We were doing our cheers and everything and then the other team had a girl run out on the sidelines and do a back handspring series. She only did two and we had a much better tumbler on our team so she did a back handspring series and then a back tuck. Our basketball team needed one more basket at the time so when she went to do her back tuck her shoe flew off into the basketball goal and everyone started to cheer. We knew it didn't count so we just laughed it off.Then after the game, the ref came over and told her, "You should be on the team! You got that basket without even looking. Most of the boys can't get a basket even if they are looking. It was hilarious.

Submitted by: CheerChic05 Title: Funny Cheer Story
It was one of the first pep rallies in the history of our school since it had only been open a few months. We were all brand new, no experienced cheerleaders, except for two who had been on pep squad in middle school. We were only doing a basic elevator when I think the flyer came down wrong, (this wasn't my stunt group) and the flyer grabbed one of the bases weave ponytail and it came out. In front of everyone at the whole school! This is only one story of many!

Submitted by: cheerfreak08 Title: Hangin' Out
One night after a basketball game at my high school, I tried to get to my locker to get my cheerleading bag, but the school had been blocked off by big metal gates. I decided to try and climb it and jump off since I had done it before with no problem. Well, right as I was about to jump from the top of the gate, my cheerleading skirt got caught on two sharp metal spikes on top. I was stuck dangling in the air, flailing around like crazy with my spankies up my butt! Just then, my boyfriend and two male cheerleaders on my squad heard my screams and came to rescue me. When they got there they thought I was hurt, but after they got me down they never stopped making fun of me. My whole butt was showing! I never heard the end of it and I even had to get a new uniform since mine had two holes in it!

As you can see, cheerleaders can have some very embarrassing moments, but they can also laugh at themselves.