The 13 Funniest Work Memes

Work got you down? Here are our picks to help you laugh about your job

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Work is something that we all have to do, and only a lucky few actually enjoy it. For the rest of the world, it's a necessary inconvenience at best, and a torturous experience at worst. This shared experience of work as something to be avoided or suffered through is something everyone can understand, even if they are lucky enough to have a job they enjoy, great coworkers, and an appreciative boss.

What Do Work Memes Mean?

Most work memes make some type of statement about the user's job. Some are about how work seems to drag on forever, others are about trying to avoid work, and a lot of them focus on frustrating experiences with coworkers or management.

How Are Work Memes Used?

A lot of work memes serve as a sort of pressure relief valve. For instance, someone might post a meme about the fallout of management failing to listen to complaints if they had a bad experience in that vein, or a meme about the workday dragging on forever if they are bored or frustrated waiting for the day to end.

Examples of Work Memes:

Example #1

Image: Actor Shia Labeouf in a suit on the left and dressed very casually on the right.
Text: "Going to work when I first started my job versus now."
Meaning: This suggests that the poster of the meme tried very hard to maintain a professional appearance, and worked very hard when they first started their job. After becoming established, they became more laid back. 

Example #2

Image: A Google image search for bears with long tongues.
Text line one: "Google search: the bears with long tongues"
Text line two: "Boss: mike"
Text line three: "Boss: Mike"
Text line four: "Boss: Mike Ginn"
Text line five: "Me: whaaa sorry was just... doing an email."
Meaning: This is a joke about getting caught, and trying to cover up for it while goofing off at work. Also, the bears with long tongues are funny.

Example #3

Image: Crying Michael Jordan working in an office.
Text: "When you clock in at 9, work for 7 hours, and then realize it's only 9:30."
Meaning: This meme references the way that time seems to move more slowly when you're doing something you don't enjoy. People who work in jobs they don't enjoy, or who have worked in jobs like that in the past, will be able to sympathize.

This is also an example of the Crying Michael Jordan meme, which uses an image of Michael Jordan crying during his 2009 induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. 

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of 20 of the funniest work memes around:

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Say What You Want About Shia

Shia Labeouf meme

 The man's ugg game is on point.

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Those Weird Google Image Results in the Browser History?

The bears with Long Tongues meme

 Research. It was all just research.

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This Office Building Must Be Traveling at Relativistic Speeds

Michael Jordan crying meme

 Because the time dilation is real.

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Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Man watching a globe burn illustration meme


Pass the popcorn.

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Management Could Only Afford One Hazmat Suit

Person in hazmat suit at computer

 So we put it on the guy who sneezed.

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Showing up to Work Dressed Like This

Person in rabbit suit meme


This is usually a pretty good way to get sent home from work.

Unless you work at a theme park, in which case hiding in the bathroom is still a viable option.

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Things You Really Want to Say

Coworker that never does work meme


 But you don't because human resources won't let you.

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Don't Ask About His Specific Set of Skills

Liam Neeson stapler meme

I'd hate to be the guy who took his stapler.

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How's That Red Swingline Working out for You?

office space meme

 Sorry, Milton, you're on your own with this one.

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The Hero We Deserve

Making memes instead of working meme

Keep those memes coming.

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This Is Actually the Best Timeline

Wonder woman meme

Start making airplane noises, and when they ask what you're doing, act confused about how they can see you in your invisible jet.

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This Is Fine

Fire next to man at computer meme

It's only a small fire. Surely someone else will fix it.