Funniest iPhone Keyboard Shortcut Pranks

Leave Your Phone Alone at Your Own Peril

Thanks to iPhone's ingenious "keyboard shortcut" feature, it's now easier than ever to play hilariously evil pranks on your friends and family. Click here to read a run-down on what this prank entails and how you can do it too, but if you're looking for pure prank-playing inspiration, check out the 15 funny examples in this gallery. Enjoy, and remember, never leave your phone lying around unattended unless you want to become a victim of this awesome trend! 

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Cool Blasterz FTW

funny iphone shortcut prank
Via Thumbpress.

Be right back...just have to jump in my gogomobile, crank the cool blasterz, and chow down on some big-ass cookies first.

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Dog Day Afternoon

iphone shortcut prank
Via BuzzFeed.

That's okay, we'll just feed ourselves. Oh, wait. We're dogs. We don't have opposable thumbs. Help!

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Just a Few Changes

iphone prank
Via Buzzfeed.

Too bad this Reddit user had to discover his brother had tampered with his iPhone shortcuts while drafting a text to his boss. Top honors to: "OH EM GEE! Suh funneh!"

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Say That Again

Via Imgur.

We think what she's trying to say is "Please clean your room." We're not sure though; it's so hard to tell.

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That's Just Nasty

Via Reddit.

Simple, mean, and straight to the point!

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Drugs Are Bad

Just by replacing the word "laundry" with "acid," things got really sticky really fast for this mother and daughter. 

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This Hurts My Eyes


This one's for all the grammar Nazis in your life. You know subbing out incorrect words and phrases will absolutely drive them crazy!

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"No More Rhymes, Now. I Mean It!"

"I herpes you?" don't!

You've got to love a good Princess Bride quote, though. 

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Hogwarts and All

Let's hear it for Muggle power.

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What? No Iocane Powder?

Step away from "The Princess Bride" meme and no one gets hurt.

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Did Somebody Say Nugget?

iphone shortcut prank
Via Reddit.

Really the funniest thing about this one is the word "nugget" because "nugget" is just a funny word. Nugget, nugget, nugget! (Are you laughing yet?)

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Celebrity Crushing, Part One

We hate to break it to you but that's no secret.

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Celebrity Crushing, Part Two

Kim Kardashian we can understand but no one has "the biggest crush on Paul Giamatti"—not even Paul Giamatti.

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Talk About Sibling Rivalry

You're too young to remember the Smothers Brothers, right? Go ask your grandparents.

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I'm Just Interviewing the Ecdysiast

And that's how Joe got fired and divorced on the same day.