The 11 Funniest Government Shutdown Memes and Jokes

If the government shuts down, would you be prepared? Many popular attractions would be subject to close during a government shutdown - including national parks.

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One of the strangest things about the United States government is that Congress can shut down the federal government, which means thousands of government employees work without a paycheck or don't work at all. The ironic part is that Congress is still being paid their salary the entire time... In situations like this, it's best to resort to comedy, or else you might be overcome with rage.

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Pluto Threatens to Shut Down Universe

Pluto threatens to shut down universe

Pluto demands to be a planet again or it will shut down the universe.

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A Special Message From Smokey the Bear

Smokey the Bear Government Shutdown Meme: Only you can prevent forest fires


A special message from Smokey the bear in light of the government shutdown: 'Only you can prevent forest fires. No seriously, I've been furloughed.'

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Acting Like a Teenage Girl

Government Shutdown Meme: Acting Like a Teenage Girl Who Isn't Getting Her Way


Next time you accuse a teenage girl of overreacting, just remember that a whole bunch of elderly white men shut down the government because they weren't getting their way.

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John Boehner Seals the Deal on Hillary 2016

John Boehner Seals the Deal on Hillary 2016


Who ever said John Boehner didn't achieve anything during the government shutdown?

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The Losing Side of the Government Shutdown

Ted Cruz Sarah Palin Government Shutdown Meme

How do you know you're on the losing side of a political issue? When Sarah Palin is standing next to you.

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Destroying America

Republicans Destroying America - Government Shutdown Meme


Kim Jong-un vows to destroy America but finds that Republicans have already beat him to the punch.

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Democratic Underground

Schadenboehner — taking pleasure in the misfortune of John Boehner following the government shutdown fiasco.

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Government Not Working? Try Turning It off and on Again.

Government Not Working Meme - Try Turning It Off and On Again.

Know Your Meme

Obama: Hi, I'm having some trouble with my government.

IT Guy: Have you tried turning it off and on again.

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Queen Elizabeth Reclaims the Colonies

Queen Elizabeth Reclaims American Colonies During Shutdown


Queen Elizabeth seizes the moment during the government shutdown and attempts to reclaim America for England.

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Mt. Rushmore View From Canada

Mt. Rushmore View from Canada


Due to the government shutdown, Mt. Rushmore can now be viewed only from the Canadian side. (Okay, we know South Dakota doesn't border Canada, but it's still funny.)

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Congress's 5 Percent Approval Rating

Congress's 5 Percent Approval Rating


14 percent? No! 10 percent? No! 5 percent? Yes...for now.

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Government Shutdown Jokes

"People are saying that Republicans got nothing out of the deal. Not true. They got eight years of Hillary." –David Letterman on the government shutdown

"President Obama said the day after the budget deal is made he's going to concentrate on immigration. He says he'll start by deporting Ted Cruz." –Conan O'Brien

"Some of these guys in Congress are acting like this is a big achievement. If you pick up a gun and don't shoot yourself in the leg with it, that's not really an achievement." –Jimmy Kimmel

"People are actually getting very pissed off at this government shutdown. But Republicans say, 'Remember one thing. We are standing up for an important principle, and as soon as we figure out what it is, you will be the first to know.'" –Bill Maher

Look, you think Obamacare's a big enough threat to this country that you need to shut down the government over it, fine. Own it. Don't fart and point at the dog." –Jon Stewart on Republicans trying to shift the blame for the government shutdown despite claiming to be "the party of personal responsibility"

"The rules are I go first, and I refuse to take my turn. And you can't take yours until I'm done. I know you're upset, but we're both at fault here, so let's negotiate. I agree to take my turn if you agree that I win." –Stephen Colbert, explaining the GOP strategy

"Today was day 10 of the government shutdown. At what point do we politely ask Canada to govern us?" –Jimmy Kimmel

"Georgia Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey said it's time for his party to have a 'Braveheart' moment for the American people. Really? This whole government shutdown feels like another Mel Gibson movie: 'Ransom.'" –Jay Leno

It's gotten too bad that after years of sliding poll numbers, now the approval ratings of Congress has hit a record low of just 5 percent. There are a lot of pressing questions, namely, who's in the five percent that still approves of Congress?" –Jimmy Fallon