The Funniest Disney Princess Parody Videos

Making fun of Snow White, Jasmine, Belle and the gang has never been this funny!

Everybody loves the Disney Princesses! Those sweet songbirds with the impossibly tiny waists are always around to urge children to wish upon a star, find their Prince Charming, and do it all with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

But what if those princesses weren't quite as sweet as they appeared to be, at first glance? That's the question posed by a wide variety of Disney memes on the web, but none so humorously as the following parody videos. Watch as Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, and the whole girly gang get hilariously spoofed for your amusement. 

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Mean Disney Girls

Via YouTube.

This video takes clips from the classic movies and overlays sound bites from the classic girl drama comedy, .  The Little Mermaid's famous redhead Ariel gets the plum role of Caty, played by Lindsay Lohan in the original movie.  Meanwhile the catty Queen Bee of the group, Regina George, is played by a conniving Sleeping Beauty, and dimwit Karen is portrayed by Cinderella.  Belle is played by Gretchen, whose father, by they way, invented Toaster Strudels.  

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Real Housewives of Disney

Via Vimeo.

This skit from Saturday Night Live featured the show's host that week, none other than troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan.  The premise is a spoof of  the "Real Housewives of" series on Bravo, featuring  Lindsay is Rapunzel and Kristen Wiig as a boozy Cinderella.  The cast really nails their impersonations of the princesses. Funny stuff!

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Disney Princess Kesha

Via Funny Or Die.

Funny or Die teamed up with pop singer and all-around bad girl  Ke$ha to create this funny spoof of the opening scene of Disney's Cinderella.  It starts off sweet and innocent, but hey, this is Ke$ha we're talking about, so within the first few seconds the video takes a raunchy, naughty, and very funny turn.

NSFW due to a few F-bombs.

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Disney Princess Speed Dating

Via Funny Or Die.

Another fun video from Funny Or Die!  Here we see the princesses talking about themselves in a "speed dating" session, and it's just too funny for words.  From clueless Belle saying things like, "My best friends, which are plates...." to a snooty nouveau riche Princess Jasmine, who is bored with her wealth, with this date, and with you, the sketch really nails how ridiculous the Disney story lines really are.

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Advice For Young Girls From A Cartoon Princess

Via YouTube.

If you watch only one of these videos, make it one of these!  This is a web series created by the Second City Network YouTube channel, and it features zingy one liners that expose the blatant sexism and general wrongness of most female Disney characters.  To be honest, we never really realized how screwed up some of those stories really were!

There are three videos in the series to date, each featuring Snow White, Ariel, and Belle, respectively.

Words of advice from Ariel: "Never be comfortable in the body you were given.  If you don't like how you look, snip snip!"


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Why Disney Princesses Make the Worst Roommates

Via YouTube/Cracked.

Alison Haislip plays a couch-surfing Ariel who still doesn't quite understand how the world works. Between using her roommate's forks as a comb and not understanding when it's time to stop crashing on her friend's couch, this video is proof that Disney princesses make the worst roommates!

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After Ever After - DISNEY Parody

Via YouTube/Paint.

While it's not technically a parody, this video of one guy with an amazing singing voice and some very creative editing is not to be missed. This solo a Capella version of four popular Disney princess songs imagines what happens after the "happily ever after..." and it isn't pretty.

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