Must-Watch Funny Dancing Kids Videos

These kids can bust a move with the best of 'em

There are plenty of funny viral kids videos on the web, but something about little kids dancing is even more entertaining than "Charlie Bit My Finger" and doped up kids who just had dental surgery. For example, check out the following five videos of little kids who are totally getting down on the dance floor. 

Oh, and when you're done laughing with these dancing kids, go laugh with kids with really, really terrible haircuts or kids who made the biggest messes humanly possible the second their parents' backs were turned.

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Little Girl Makes Up Her Own Hilarious Dance Routine

little girl dancing follies


During a dance recital of Stephen Sondheim's classic Broadway Baby, one little girl decided to make up her own very unique choreography. While the other children robotically tap danced their way through the musical number, this one kid totally busted a move and hammed it up for the audience.

The best part is that she turned the quiet little blonde next to her into her unwitting straight man, much to the crowd's delight.

This video was watched 5.6 million times in its first year online--and with good reason. It's impossible not to smile when watching this child!

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Baby Dances to "All the Single Ladies"

baby dancing to single ladies


It seems that even babies recognize that Beyonce is totally fierce. This video of a diaper-clad baby boogying down and shaking her booty to Beyonce's Single Ladies video is seriously cute and funny.

Maybe Kanye West was correct when he famously interrupted Taylor Swift to declare this, "one of the greatest music video of all time" at the 2009 VMA's. Clearly, this baby is enjoying it!

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Possibly the Best Vine Ever

Marlins Kid Dancing


The Jumbo Tron at a Miami Marlins game captured one young fan who decided to really go nuts with his dance moves when he saw himself on camera.  As a result, someone took a screen grab from the television and turned it into a Vine video that brings more laughs in six seconds than some blockbusters can muster in several hours.

The gyrations!  The tongue!  This kid is crazy, but in the best possible way.  

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Kid Steals the Show From 'Spandy Andy'

Kid street performer dance

Live Leak

In Edinburgh, Scotland, there is apparently a street performer called Spandy Andy who entertains the masses with his energetic dance moves, all while clad in copious amounts of colorful spandex. In this Live Leak video, Spandy Andy is doing his thang when he notices a child tapping his foot and bobbing his head along to the music. The performer brings the kid into his act, and they rock it out together for several minutes until, eventually, the child is actually out-dancing the professional.

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Vietnamese Kid Shows His Stylin' Dance Moves

footage still


Face it: We'll never be as cool as this little boy! This dapper little dude was spotted on a Vietnamese TV show dancing to "Vu dieu cong chieng" by Toc Tien. The video is no longer available online, but you can check out the animated gif.