The 12 Funniest Cat Memes on the Planet

Nope! We're not kitten you!

Of all creatures great and small, there is none more profoundly linked to the internet than the humble house cat. Memes featuring the unofficially official animal of the world wide web exploded after Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami included an option for internet users to create their own funny captioned cat images, already known as LOLcats, on their website in January 2007.

LOLcats and cat memes captured the imagination and humor of people all over the planet (there are now millions of them). The rest, as they say, is history.

Here, we’ve curated 12 of the funniest cat memes to make you giggle, guffaw, and laugh so hard your cheeks hurt from the utterly unique hilarity that is CAT.

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Paws Off the Hamster, George!

Orange house cat holds paws up innocently

Apparently, hamsters aren’t toys. Who knew? Not this kitty. Yarn might not be as exciting as pet rodents but keep your paws off the hamster, George!

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Business Cat Requires a Raise

Black cat wearing collar and neck tie asking for a raise.

Business Cat humbly requests a raise to support his growing family. Nine kids? Wow, that’s a whole litter.

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Thoughtful Kitty Packed Your Lunch

Orange cat next to school bag with a mouse in it.

Cats are so generous and giving. This thoughtful kitty even packed you a lunch for school. He might have gotten "mousse" and "mouse" confused when preparing this culinary masterpiece, though.

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It's Monday, Isn't It?

Cat with blue eyes looking in different directions resting on a bed.

This kitty exemplifies how pretty much every human on earth feels on Mondays. Ahem. Or, uh, every day around 3 p.m.

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Kitten Decision-Making is so Complex

Gray kitten with blue eyes deciding if he wants you to pet him or if he wants to bite you.

Hmmm … which to choose? Making decisions is so difficult when you’re a kitten. If you’ve ever met a cat, you can probably guess how this turns out.

P.S. You don’t happen to have a first aid kit, do you? Oh, no, I’m fine.

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Nine Lives Are Too Short for Regrets

Black cat biting slice of pizza regrets nothing.

They say the things we regret in life are the things we do not try. Even if it means getting caught cheating on your gluten-free diet, right, Howard? Pizza is so addictive, not even cats can resist it.

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This is Why Cats Don't Have Cooking Shows

Orange cat sleeping in clear glass baking dish.

If the first step for any recipe involves removing a slumbering feline from the bakeware, it might be better to just order take-out instead. Do you want pizza or Chinese food?

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Adele Must Be So Proud

Two orange cats separated by a door with Adele Hello parody lyrics.

When your hit song inspires a hilarious cat meme, fancy awards and golden statues simply cannot compete.

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Everyone Wants to Be Understood... Even Cats

Striped cat sleeping on arm of couch with face hidden.

Does anyone really get you like your couch, anyway?

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Cats Sits Where They Fits

Black cat squeezed into a snack box.

Blame the postal service for this meme. Their one rate shipping service tagline, “If it fits, it ships,” has inspired piles of memes with cats declaring, “If it fits, I sits.” However, the type of container and actually fitting into it is entirely a cat’s prerogative.

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Toe Beans!

Kitten chewing on foot showing little pink toe beans.

Call them toe beans, jelly beans, or jelly bean toes but every cat lover knows there are few things more adorable or funny than tiny little kitten toes. We'll just trust this kitten on the taste.

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Charlie Was the Dangerous Type...

Gray striped kitty displaying claws.

Cats are very particular about their personal space. Should you fall prey to their irresistible adorableness and forget this fact, they’ll remind you with the razor blade-like appendages hidden in their paws.