The 15 Funniest Animal Memes

Animal lovers rejoice!

Zebra wearing sunglasses

Jan-Schneckenhaus / Getty Images 

Some of the best memes out there are animal memes — if not for their weirdly hilarious behavior, then definitely for their irresistible cuteness. All it takes is the perfect shot and the right funny caption to bring some human characteristics to an animal that would otherwise be clueless about how to be human!

What Do Animal Memes Mean?

Animals tend to represent simpler, more innocent creatures to people than their fellow human friends do, giving rise to memes that capture the simple nature of living and thinking like an animal. Animal memes can mean practically anything at all — as long as it expresses an idea in a relatable way that an animal might experience it.

How Are Animal Memes Used?

Animal memes are often used in two different ways. The first is to simply make fun of the animal's natural appearance or behavior by exaggerating it. The second is to put the animal in a human scenario where it would have to use its animal brain and instincts to try to behave like a human.

Examples of Animal Memes

Example #1:
A baby owl with very large eyes and dilated pupils
Text: "Coffee: I think it's kicking in."
Meaning: This meme is making fun of the owl's naturally large eyes, which for a person would look silly and hints at the fact that they probably had way too much caffeine.

Example #2:
A red fox with its head buried deep in the snow.
Text: "Firefox crashed."
Meaning: This meme takes the very relatable scenario of the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox freezing or shutting down and turns it into something more literal by picturing an actual fox crashing into the snow.

Example #3:
A hamster squeezing its eyes closed and holding its hands over its ears.
Text: "I can't hear you! Blah-blah-blah."
Meaning: This meme puts a human expression to the hamster's behavior. While the hamster might just be scratching itself, the image symbolizes exactly what a human might do and say as if they were trying to ignore someone.

Check out the list below for more funny animal memes!

The Teddy Bears' Picnic

Bear Meme

Now if only someone could bring him a picnic basket! 

Approved by the Head Seal Himself

Seal Meme

It's the highest form of honor you can receive from a seal. 

You Mad, Bro? Or Just Bloated?

Pufferfish Meme

This puffer fish sure looks threatening, but maybe he's just cranky from swallowing all that water.

Primates Are so Intelligent!

Monkey Meme

You never know what kinds of incredible discoveries you'll make when you're an orangutan.

This Soup Has a Little Bite to It

Tiger Meme

 You're going to need a really big spoon. (And maybe a shield.)

A Horse Can Dream

Horse Meme

Even though unicorns are mythical creatures from folklore, this horse knows that truly nothing is impossible!


Migration Has Never Been so Loud

Goose Meme

Why does the obnoxious honking of a flock of Canada geese always happen at the least convenient time?


Deer in the Headlights

Deer Meme

It's probably some kind of deer sport.

Alpaca Lunch Too

Alpaca Meme

Alpacas like to go go on adventures too, and unlike llamas, they're generous enough to offer to do all the packing for you.

Must Be a Slytherin

Lizard Meme

Every lizard remembers the time they received their acceptance letter from the Hogwarts School of Lizardry.

Do You Even "Carrot All"?

Rabbit Meme

 Droopy bunny ears never made you feel so guilty.

A Leopard Can't Change Its Spots

Leopard Meme

No matter how good the camouflage, sometimes you can still spot the big cat that's hiding in the grass.

You're Nowhere Near His Level

Giraffe Meme

 You're probably feeling pretty short right about now.

A Croc Eating a Croc

Crocodile Meme

Crocodiles don't care about comfortable footwear. They care about eating whatever's in their way.


The Pain Is Real

Penguin Meme

You might as well not have any legs after leg day. Penguins know that feel.

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