Funny Quotes and Insights on Walmart Shopping

Fun Walmart Quotations: Funny Quotes and Insights on Walmart Shopping
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Wal-Mart is the largest retail chain in the U.S. and the largest business in the world. Perhaps because of that, a lot of people have a lot to say about the Wal-Mart business, Wal-Mart leaders, Wal-Mart customers, and shopping at Wal-Mart. Whether they love Wal-Mart or love to hate Wal-Mart, both the famous and not-so-famous have voiced their thoughts about the super chain. 

Funny and Straight-Forward Quotations About the World of Wal-Mart 

  • “God has a sense of humor. If you don't believe me, tomorrow go to Wal-Mart and just look at people.” - Carlos Mencia, comedian, and actor
  • “Higher gas prices mean less disposable income for Wal-Mart shoppers.” - Tom Schoewe, Wal-Mart CFO
  • "Why should a company like Wal-Mart (which made $480 billion in 2016) be able to force taxpayers to foot the bill for their health-care costs?" - John Sweeney, former president of the AFL-CIO
  • "It's a tough thing to know that when you're making your album, you're going to end up collaborating with, say, Wal-Mart, on your artwork. That just sucks." - Ben Folds, singer and songwriter
  • "At Wal-Mart, if you couldn't explain an idea or a concept in simple terms on one page of paper Sam Walton considered the new idea too complicated to implement." - Michael Bergdahl
  • "Our competitors are better because Wal-Mart exists." - Lee Scott, former CEO Wal-Mart
  • “This internal document reveals where, when, and how Wal-Mart will bully its way across the country to open hundreds of new stores. With this in our hands, our committed supporters are now all the more ready to fight back.” - Andrew Grossman
  • "Each Wal-Mart store should reflect the values of its customers and support the vision they hold for their community." - Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart Corporation
  • "I would guess that any criticism about Wal-Mart could have some element of truth with 1,500,000 people." - Lee Scott
  • "If I think too much about all of those Chinese factories where all the Wal-Mart stuff is made, I get that woozy feeling you get when you see ducks covered in crude oil." - Doug Coupland, 
  • "One of the things that strike me is so many of the critics are people whose lifestyle doesn't change when the price of fuel changes" - Lee Scott
  • "Our goal isn't to close Wal-Mart down. It is to make it a better, more humane company toward its employees and the communities it is in." - Robert Greenwald, political activist
  • "Pretty much, Apple and Dell are the only ones in this industry making money. They make it by being Wal-Mart. We make it by innovation." - Steve Jobs
  • "The key to competing and surviving against Wal-Mart is to focus your business on a niche or pocket where you can leverage your strengths in the local marketplace." - Michael Bergdahl, former Director of People at Wal-Mart
  • "The key to Operations at Wal-Mart is their ability to maintain the highest standards while at the same time getting things done with lockstep execution." - Michael Bergdahl
  • "There are going to be some people who never want Wal-Mart. That's OK." - Lee Scott
  • "Wal-Mart doesn't really care about your faith. Wal-Mart cares if you have money to spend, and it is going to be as generic as possible in exploiting the holiday season for every buck it can make." - Richard Roeper, columnist and film critic
  • "Wal-Mart hires average people but squeezes above average performance and results out of them." - Michael Bergdahl
  • "Wal-mart... do they like make walls there?" - Paris Hilton
  • "Wal-Mart's success strategies and tactics are easy to understand yet hard to duplicate." - Michael Bergdahl
  • "When you compete with Wal-Mart, even if you think you've found a niche don't ever become complacent." - Michael Bergdahl
  • "You know, without China, there is no Wal-Mart and without Wal-Mart, there is no middle class and lower class prosperity in the United States." - Arthur Laffer, economist
  • "I believe in the 'Wal-Mart' school of business. The less people pay, the more they enjoy it." - Garth Brooks
  • "My big places to shop are Wal-Mart and Target - seriously. That is where half of my stuff comes from now." - Kelly Preston, Actress married to John Travolta