11 Fun Things to Do With Friends

Friendship Building Activities

Paul Bradbury/ Caiaimage/ Getty Images

Friendships build over time, but if you want to bond quicker with someone new, choose an activity that provides for conversation and of course, fun. Get a little silly or go outside of your comfort zone. When you do, your new friends will appreciate how much you opened yourself up and it will encourage them to do the same.

Stuck for ideas on what to do? Here are some to get you started.


  • Try Out a New Restaurant
    People need to eat, right? Having a wonderful meal followed by great conversation can quickly bond new friends together. Gather a few friends and try out the latest restaurant in your area. This can become a fun monthly or weekly activity with a group of people.
  • Potluck Get Together
    One way to jazz up dinner is to have a potluck. This helps new people get to know each other because they can show off a little personality through their cooking. (Or, for those who can't cook, it shows how well they can order takeout.)
    Potlucks are wonderful for inviting a variety of people. If people are on a tight budget, they are usually open to a "bring your own" type of event which typically costs less than going out.

Creative Pursuits

  • Scrapbooking, Quilting, Knitting, Crocheting
    Remember how fun it used to be to do crafts with your friends when you were a kid? It can still be fun today. If you and a friend enjoy scrapbooking, why not bring your materials to a friend's house and spend a few hours working on your pages? You'll have the comfort of doing what you enjoy while you make conversation and build a relationship with your friend.
    The same goes for sewing, knitting, or crocheting. While these are activities that would usually be done alone, you can pass the time by chatting with friends and maybe picking up a new pattern or two. These are also good types of activities for people of different ages, as it helps one generation learn from the other. Having friends in a variety of age groups can help you grow as a person. Here's another idea: start a "Stitch and Stash."
  • Paint Your Own Pottery
    Ever been to a paint your own pottery place? Even people without artistic skills can bond by letting their inner Van Gogh come out. If you can't paint? No worries. Part of the fun sometimes is seeing how bad the projects can possibly look, which in turn means you get to show your silly side and bond with new friends. Another bonus? You'll always have that goofy-looking bowl or mug you made to remind of you of the event.

Cinema and Theater

  • Movies
    Movies are a fun way to check out from the stresses of the day and be entertained for a few hours. Seeing a movie is a good activity for best pals or even new friends, because it's low pressure and inspires things to talk about after. (Here's my list of the best bromance and BFF movies.)
  • Live Theater Performances
    If you and a friend love the theater, why not share your passion and attend a performance? When two friends spend time doing something they enjoy, it automatically brings them closer.
    If you can't afford professional theater prices, community theater can be a fun alternative. Some performances are really great. If the show isn't so good, you might come up with a few private jokes just because you had to sit through something really, really awful.

Enjoy the Sights in Your Town

  • Historical Tour
    When was the last time you took a look around your home town? If you've got a new friend who is a history buff, see if your town has an historical tour. Nearly every city has some kind of special attraction honoring its past. Look up the Chamber of Commerce or historical society in your area for details.
  • Photo Tour
    Spend a day at the local park just walking around and taking pictures. You'll get to take in the beauty of nature and also have some lasting pictures. Snapping a few photos is always a great way to bond with a friend because it tends to lighten the mood. With digital cameras, there is no need to worry about taking a bad shot, either.
  • Festivals
    Does your town have church, ethnic, or music festivals? They're a fun activity to do with a group of people. Pick a place to meet and enjoy some live music, get a bite to eat, or play a few games, depending on which type of festival you go to.


  • Board Games
    Games are a great way to have fun with new and old friends alike. There are a variety of fun and diverse board games that cater to a group of people, such as Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan, and Taboo. In the game Cranium, sometimes you have to draw an object with your eyes closed. Just doing something as silly and out of the ordinary as this can endear you to a new friend. Here's more about hosting a board game night.
  • Wii or Playstation Games
    Remember when computer games used to be for kids only? Not anymore! Many Wii and Playstation games are designed for groups and parties. They are a good way to get a little goofy and let your inner rock star, bowler, or dance champion come out.