Fun iPhone Hairstyle Apps

Need a new hairstyle? There's an app for that. There are literally dozens of apps on the iPhone that will allow you to try on new styles, browse style galleries, or do funny makeovers. Some are helpful, while some are totally useless. Most focus on women's styles, but we've found a few that have men included. Of course, an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod Touch and iTunes are required. Nothing can beat a personal visit to your barber or stylist for advice, but these apps can give you an idea of what you might look like with a new style.

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Hair MakeOver

Hair Makeover iPhone App

This app gives you the chance to try on different hairstyles. We like its easy-to-use interface. Simply choose a photo from your library (or take one) and pick a style. The main drawback to the interface is that it places your own face in an oval cutout so you really can't tell what the different hairstyles will look like with your actual face shape. This app would be much better if the hairstyles were cutouts that you could place over your existing photos.

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Men's Hairstyle

Men Hairstyle iPhone App

This app is simply an app containing a gallery of men's hairstyles from long to short and everything in between. If you can get past the annoyingly slow interface, pop-up ads, and bad grammar, this app may be helpful in finding your next hairstyle.  

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Squire Hassle Free Haircuts

Squire Hassle Free Haircuts App for iPhone

This is a pretty well-done app that lets you discover barbers based on your location as well as book an appointment and even pay for your service. Of course, the app is dependent on the number of barbers who have signed up, which isn't that many. We suggest downloading the app and checking if your local barber is on it -- the app could be quite useful for booking appointments and paying for services if your favorite barber is already on it.