14 Fun Gift Ideas for Pianists

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Mechanical Music Box With Your Songs

Customizable music box

Create your own music or test out the included tunes! This fun and user-friendly gadget lets you write your own songs using the blank staves and play them back on your own personal music box crank. A great gift to get those creative juices flowing.

Price: $22 for set; $6.50 for additional sheet refills of 5

Image Courtesy of UncommonGoods

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Treble Clef Silver Heart Locket

G-clef silver heart necklace
BabyJewlz on Etsy

Whether the musician in your life is a pianist, a guitarist, or an all-around music lover, this beautiful silver-plated locket is sure to inspire peace and romance. Comes with an 18" chain and loose-hanging treble-clef charm.

Price: $18

Image Courtesy of Baby Jewlz

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Piano Key Fingerless Knit Gloves

Piano key fingerless gloves
The Music Stand

Stay warm, fashionable, and functional with these cozy fingerless gloves. Comfortable and cut above the second knuckle, you can use these for practice in cold rehearsal rooms, or use every day to express your musical side.

Price: $10

Image Courtesy of The Music Stand

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Piano Key Knitted Scarf

Piano keyboard scarf
GiftHouse on Amazon

A light, cozy, and soft scarf perfect for the coolest autumn days.

Price: $21

Image Courtesy of Gift House

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Piano Keyboard Cat Collar

Piano cat collar
Beastie Bands on Amazon

Get that cool cat in your life jazzed up with the cutest adjustable collar in town.

Price: $9.75

Image Courtesy of Beastie Bands

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Grand Piano Corded Telephone

Grand piano telephone
SDBing & I-Mart on Amazon

If there were ever a reason to keep that landline, this fun grand piano phone is it. Features touch-tone keyboard numbers with a pleasant ring and a sleek, hidden handset.

Price: $21

Image Courtesy of SD Bing & I-Mart

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Treble Clef Wall Clock

G clef wall clock

Keep track of rehearsal times with a cute treble clef wall clock that can blend into many styles of decor.

Price: $28.50

Image Courtesy of Target

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Music Symbol Ankle Socks

Music theme socks
LilGift on Amazon

This 3-pack of light, soft, music-themed socks will be sure to keep your toes comfy as they slide off your piano pedals.

Price: $10

Image Courtesy of Lil Gift

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Plush Beethoven Stuffed Doll

Beethoven plush doll
San Francisco Symphony

This plush Beethoven doll is perfect for lightening up that moody musician in your life. More available dolls include Mozart, Bach, and more!

Price: $25

Image Courtesy of the San Francisco Symphony

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Piano Key Skinny Necktie

Piano keyboard necktie
Lynne Carlos on Amazon

A cute accessory for any gender! This skinny necktie measures 2" wide and 57" long, and is 100% polyester. Quite versatile!

Price: $9

Image Courtesy of Lynne Carlos

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Piano Bow Tie

Piano keyboard bowtie
Cali Style Shop on Amazon

Also cute for any gender! This bow tie comes pre-tied with an adjustable neck band (bow measures 4 1/2 inches wide).

Price: $5.30

Image Courtesy of Cali Style Shop

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Treble Clef Door Hooks

Treble clef wall hooks
The Music House

Sturdy overhanging door hooks perfect for a musician's bathroom, or find another crafty use for these versatile organizers.

Price: $25

Image Courtesy of The Music Stand

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Musical Symbol Throw Pillow

Music symbols throw pillow
The Music Stand

A very comfortable and inspiring plush pillow for any music lover's home. 18" x 13" with tapestry cover.

Price: $25

Image Courtesy of The Music Stand

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Piano Keyboard Leggings

Piano key leggings
CzBonjour on Amazon

Play with your style while expressing your love of the keys. Very flexible and perfect for just about any pianist - one size fits most!

Price: $9.80

Image Courtesy of CzBonjour