Fun Facts About the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras

The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra
The 2016 Bright Night Fantasy Bra by Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret

Would you pay $3 million for a bra? That's the value of the 2016 Victoria's Secret Bright Nights Fantasy Bra. It's the latest in a long line of Fantasy Bras — or what used to be called "The Million Dollar Bra" — from the popular bra company, which it displays in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show event each year. Now, the bras are dripping in jewels and are worth far more than just one million dollars. In fact, one year the Fantasy Bra had a price tag valued at $15 million. Because of the high price tag and exquisite design, it's easy to see why the collection is now renamed, "Fantasy Bras". 

Seen here, the most recent Fantasy Bra was worn by model, Jasmine Tooke. In a Victoria's Secret video, when the blingy bra was revealed to her, the 5'9" model cried out in joy: "I get to wear this bra! Oh my God — it's amazing!" It was obvious that the model was quite impressed with the luxurious bra. "I was so excited to hear that I was chosen to wear the Bright Nights Fantasy bra in the Victoria's Secret fashion show", she gushed. She went on to describe the joy and disbelief causing her to drop to the floor and cry. Even for a lingerie model, wearing the Fantasy Bra is a high honor and a special occasion because it's unlike any other bra in the Victoria's Secret collection. 

Fun facts about the 2016 Victoria's Secret Bright Nights Fantasy Bra

- It took more than 700 hours to make. 

- It weighs more than 450 carats. 

- It's made of over 9,000 precious gems, handset with diamonds and emeralds in 18-karat gold.

- The construction of the actual bra underneath the jewels was custom made. It was inspired by the Victoria's Secret Beautiful bra, which is available for purchase.

- Eddie Borgo is the designer of the Victoria’s Secret Bright Night Fantasy Bra. Based in New York City, Eddie Borgo an accessories designer who captures different shapes, objects and symbols in adornment, art and architecture. His iconic jewelry and handbags challenge the norms in luxury accessories with a spirit of timelessness and an appreciation of modern sculpture. This bra features several geometric accents and a front tassel. 

- It was hand-crafted with jewels by AWMouzannar. This fine jewelry house has generations of expertise, and is well known for Middle Eastern inspired creations. Their commitment to tradition and antiquity mixes with a contemporary feel to produce something truly fantastic.

- The 2016 Fantasy Bra was worn by Jasmine Tooke. This was her first time wearing the Fantasy Bra in the Victoria's Secret fashion show. She hails from Huntington Beach, CA and is 5'9". 

Fun Facts About the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras

- Each Fantasy Bra is custom made using the measurements of the Victoria’s Secret Angel chosen to model it that year. 

- The models do not get to keep the Fantasy Bra and it is rarely put up for sale. Often the jeweler will deconstruct the bra and reset the stones into another piece. Less often, the bra is actually sold to a buyer. 

- The first Fantasy Bra, then known as the Million Dollar Bra, debuted in 1996. The Victoria's Secret "Angel" chosen to wear the bra was supermodel, Claudia Schiffer. 

- In 2014, there were two Fantasy Bras instead of just one.

- The most expensive Fantasy Bra in the brand's history was valued at $15 million, in 2000.

- The least expensive Fantasy Bra was the original Million Dollar Bra, valued at one million dollars.

If you wouldn't pay $3 million for a bra, would you accept it as a gift? "Every girl loves diamonds," shares Jasmine Tooke. "I don't think any girl would turn down a bra that's $3 million!"