Full Coverage Bras

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Full coverage bras are a classic of the bra family and serve a few important functions. And while some people may consider them to be dowdy or boring, they can help you look and feel your best which always looks fantastic. It's not always necessary to show cleavage, and some tops look better with a full coverage bra. You may also enjoy the security you feel from wearing a bra that encapsulates the whole breast, keeping it in place, and supported.

What Is a Full Coverage Bra?

A full coverage bra refers to the amount of cup coverage provided by a bra. Traditionally, a full coverage bra covers the entirety of each breast. Unlike a plunge or a push-up style, for example, this kind of bra does not show or accentuate cleavage at the top of the bra.

Why Wear One

Anyone can wear a full coverage bra, but some will find it suits them or their wardrobe more than others. As you may have guessed by its name, a woman with a full bust may want to wear a full coverage bra. This refers to both her fullness in volume (commonly D cup size and up)  and in shape. A full bust shape has a fullness or firmness on the top and in the inside of each breast. Because of this shape, a plunge bra, or one with less coverage in the middle or top, may not adequately cover, shape, or support this bust shape. A full coverage bra, on the contrary, can. In addition, a full coverage bra can sometimes be a more seamless look under a tight top. Bra cups that do not cover the whole breast may have a line that shows through a blouse where the bra stops and the breast starts. Even if the bra fits well, it is normal for this line to appear sometimes. In a full coverage bra, the line of the bra meets above the soft tissue of the breast and will show much less.

One thing to keep in mind, a full coverage bra may not be the best fit for someone who does not have a full bust. The top of the bra may not be filled out by your bust, unless it's made of a stretchy or elastic material. In addition, you may require a smaller cup size than usual in a full coverage bra, because of its generous cup coverage. However, a full coverage bra that covers the bust and includes padding or a gentle bump pad is great for petite busts.

Different Types

  • T-shirt bra - Wearing a full coverage style as a t-shirt bra is a great idea when you're wearing a high neck shirt. Because of its fuller coverage, the top edge or seam of the bra will not show through the shirt, giving a truly seam-free look. While it's more popular for a full coverage bra to be non-molded, there are a few full coverage molded cup bras out there, too. Fantasie makes a great full coverage t-shirt bra.
  • Minimizer - By nature, a minimizer bra covers the whole breast, and shapes it so that it's pressed firmly toward the body. This creates a minimized look or circumference, and could not be achieved without the help of a full coverage style. Wacoal makes a great range of full coverage and minimizer bras.
  • Seamed - A seamless, full coverage bra is great, but seamed cup bras can also be full coverage. Seamed cups, or cut-and-sew style bras also often tend to be made of lace and offer a very different shape than a minimizer or t-shirt bra. Elomi and Panache make great seamed, full coverage bras.
  • Wire Free - It's not just strappy bralettes; wire-free bras boast plenty of full coverage options. Anita makes great full coverage, wire-free bras.
  • Sports bras - To fully protect the bust from high impact activities, sports bras are often full coverage. That way, the material can completely encapsulate the bust and keep it in place. Shock Absorber makes great full coverage, sports bras.

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