What is a Frowny Frenulum Piercing?

Hint: It's almost never visible.

moodboard/Getty Images 

Definition: Frenulum piercings refer to three possible oral piercings - this page provides information about the lower lip frenulum piercings known as a Frowny. A Frowny is the opposite of a Smiley in that it pierces the thin connective tissue (frenulum) under the bottom lip (as opposed to the upper lip frenulum). Unlike a Smiley, a Frowny isn't visible when you smile...or frown...actually, it's almost never visible unless you have a very pronounced smile or yank your bottom lip down to show someone. Because of that fact, it's not a very popular piercing but it's a great one for those who prefer to keep their body modifications a secret.

You have to have enough connective tissue in order to be pierced here. If your frenulum is too small, which has to be determined by your piercer, then it won't be possible to pierce. Frownys are already prone to migration and rejection, and forcing a piercing through a too-small frenulum will only increase that risk and could break the frenulum.

Standard jewelry for a Frowny is a small, delicate CBR - usually 16 or possibly even 18 gauge and no more than half an inch in diameter. There is a high risk of gum and/or tooth damage with this piercing, so it's important that you get the right jewelry and keep a very close eye on it. Make it a normal part of your brushing routine; after you brush your teeth, check this and any other oral piercings just to confirm that they all look healthy.

Healing time is pretty short - they usually heal up in about four weeks if you're a healthy non-smoker.