Getting Free Stuff for Your Wedding

free printable wedding items

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Saving big bucks on your wedding budget can be as simple as requesting things for free. Find out how to get freebies delivered straight to your mailbox and resources for do-it-yourself wedding necessities from invitations to seating charts. The free wedding stuff in this list is organized into three categories: free items you can have delivered, free resources for DIY-ing five different aspects of your wedding, and free planning tools for organizing your big day.

Free Stuff in Your Mailbox

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Your first step to getting free wedding stuff should be the links below. Here you'll be able to get free stuff in the mail such as catalogs, invitation samples, and even gifts.

  • Magazines: A list of current free wedding magazines that you can receive in the mail.
  • Catalogs: Fill your mailbox with these free wedding catalogs that are full of inspiration and ideas for your wedding. You don't have to purchase from the catalogs and they are filled with ideas for the DIY bride.
  • Invitation samples: Companies that print wedding invitations want your business and they'll send you a bunch of free wedding invitation samples to get it. These also can serve as a great source of inspiration if you plan on making your invitations.
  • Registry gifts: Did you know that you can get a ton of gifts just for adding items to your wedding registry? Here's a list of how you can get companies to mail you gifts.

Free Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitations can take a big chunk out of your wedding budget. Here is some free wedding stuff that will help you save money on everything related to invitations.

  • Wedding invitation templates: Use a free wedding invitation template and you can create custom invitations that you can then print out from your home computer. These do look fantastic, so be sure to take a peek at them before you dismiss them for the pricey invitations in the catalogs.
  • Address label templates: Make your wedding invitation envelope look fantastic with these free address label templates. You'll just need to enter your address, print them on label paper, and attach them to your invitations. These work great for RSVP cards as well.
  • Wedding websites: Create a free wedding website and enclose a card with the address inside of your wedding invitation. This is a great way to let guests know all the details of the wedding including directions and registry information.
  • Online wedding invitations: Skip the hassle and high costs of printed wedding invitations and send yours out online.
  • Save the Date templatesIf you decide to send out save the date cards, here are some free templates that will help you do that. They come in a wide variety of styles that will give your guests a sneak peek into the look you're going to create for your wedding.
  • Wedding thank you notes: No need to purchase those pricey thank you notes that come along with the store-bought invitations when you can print these out for free.
  • Wedding fonts: Use these free wedding fonts for your DIY invitations or whatever other types of stationery you'll be creating.

Saving Money on Your Ceremony

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Here is some free wedding stuff that will help you develop a guest list and make a program for the ceremony.

  • Wedding dress: Find out how you can get a free wedding dress for your big day.
  • Guestlist templates: These free templates will help you develop your guest list and make special notes about each guest.
  • Program templates: Creating a wedding program from scratch can be a nightmare. Here are some free wedding program templates that will help you create a keepsake for your guests.

Budget-Friendly Reception

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You'll find free wedding stuff for your reception including seating chart and menu templates.

  • Seating chart templates: Create the perfect seating chart for your reception no matter what the layout or shape of your tables.
  • Wedding table numbers: Guests can easily find where they belong with these free wedding table numbers.
  • Place card templates: Use these templates to make your wedding place cards for the reception tables.
  • Wedding menu templates: Use these free templates to help you create a beautiful wedding menu that will greet each guest when they take their seat.

Free Tools for the Bridal Shower

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Here's some free wedding stuff to help you save on your bridal shower:

  • Invitations: Send out one of these gorgeous invitations to invite your guests to your bridal shower.
  • Shower games: Free printables for fun and unique bridal shower games.
  • Shower bingo cards: A bridal shower isn't complete with a game of bingo.

Bachelorette Party Freebies

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Here's free wedding stuff just for your bachelorette party.

  • Invitations: Customize and print your very own bachelorette party invitations that are unique to you and your girlfriends. 
  • Party games: Free printables and games that will make a very fun bachelorette party.
  • Bachelorette scavenger hunt games: Take your bachelorette party games to whole other level with these fun scavenger hunts that will have the girls running all around the bar, home, or even town.

Free Planning Resources

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Here's more free wedding stuff that will help you plan and create for your wedding.

  • Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards: These free Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards is a sweet way to ask your dearest friends if they'll stand by your side.
  • Wedding templates: All kinds of free wedding templates to help you create place cards, wedding albums, a wedding budget, a wedding day timeline, and more.
  • Wedding checklists: These free wedding checklists will help you map out what tasks need to be done and when, as you get closer to the big day.