Free and Paid Sweepstakes Newsletters to Join

New Sweepstakes and Sweepstakes News Delivered to Your Inbox

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Get Winning Tips and New Sweepstakes to Enter Right in Your Inbox. Maciej Frolow / Getty Images

If you want to win sweepstakes regularly, you need to stay in the loop when it comes to new sweepstakes to enter, effective strategies to help you win, tips about avoiding the latest scams, and more. And what easier way is there to stay up to date than by having helpful newsletters delivered straight to your inbox?

Here are some of the best free and paid newsletters available today.

ContestGirl's Free Sweepstakes Newsletter

ContestGirl offers a free sweepstakes newsletter that goes out every Wednesday. The newsletter includes new giveaways to enter, sweepstakes news, a list of the most popular sweepstakes from the past week, and more. You can select whether to receive the Canadian or U.S. sweepstakes version of the newsletter.

Sweepstakes Advantage's Free Sweepstakes Newsletter

Sweepstakes Advantage offers a free weekly newsletter that includes new sweepstakes, tips about sweepstakes scams, and motivational stories from sweepstakes winners.

SweepSheet's Paid Sweepstakes Newsletter

SweepSheet is a long-running sweepstakes newsletter that requires a paid subscription. Buying the newsletter also gives you access to a members-only website with additional sweepstakes. Read my full SweepSheet review for details.

Sweeping America's Paid Sweepstakes Newsletter

Sweeping America is a paid sweepstakes newsletter that focuses on main-in sweepstakes. For signing up, you'll receive about two dozen mail-in sweepstakes listings every week. You'll also receive access to a members-only website with additional chances to win including local and fast-ending sweepstakes. Read my full Sweeping America review for more details.

Best Sweepstakes Newsletter — Paid Subscription

Best Publications has been running a paid sweepstakes newsletter for 25 years. They currently focus only on mail-in sweepstakes; they don't post online sweepstakes at all. The newsletter is delivered once a week, though for an additional fee, you can sign up for supplemental newsletters with even more chances to win.

Sweepstakes Fanatics' Free Newsletter

Sign up at Sweepstakes Fanatics to get a simple listing of new sweepstakes delivered to your inbox every day. You'll get a free newsletter with a dozen or so new giveaways, making it a manageable amount to enter every day.

Trader's Forum — Paid Canadian Contests Newsletter

If you're a resident of Canada, you can sign up for this paid contests newsletter to be delivered to you by postal mail or email once per month. The newsletter includes coupons and discounts as well as giveaways. You can also meet other contest lovers across Canada, read recent winners' stories, and more.