Free Skateboard Contests

Online free skateboard contests list

Free skateboards are tough to come by, so I've collected a list here of sites that give away free skateboards. Most of these sites have monthly free skateboard contests that you can sign up for, or some other way to win a free skateboard. If you know of another site giving away free skateboards, please e-mail me and let me know!

Element Search + Win

Free Skateboards - Element Skateboards
Free Skateboards - Element Skateboards. Element Skateboards

This is a weird idea, but it has the potential to get you some free Element skateboard gear. You simply go to this website, and download a free Element search engine bar for your internet web browser. Then, any time you do a search using the bar you downloaded, you earn points that you can spend towards skateboards and other Element skateboard gear. The search results are from Google and I have no idea how many points you have to earn before you get something for free, but I'm guessing you need A LOT.

Free Independent Trucks

Free Independent Trucks
Free Independent Trucks. Independent

Sign up for the Independent trucks newsletter, and sign up to win a set of 149 Mark II Silver trucks.  They promise not to mess with your info, of sell it, or give it away.  

How 2 Skate Giveaway

Learn 2 Skate
Learn 2 Skate. Learn 2 Skate

Alright, I think this one looks pretty sketchy. It might not be legitimate at all - you might just be signing up for spam mail! Here's what they say-

"In our first give-away, we are going to give away a $25 gift certificate in an online skateshop. $25 to spend on whatever items you prefer. A new deck, new bearings, some slick wheels, a cool shirt or a hat, the choice if yours"

If you want to risk it - go to the site and see!

Free OutLook Skates deck

Free Skateboards - OutLook Skates
Free Skateboards - OutLook Skates. OutLook Skates

OutLook Skates is an East Coast skateboard shop with a strong online presence. They carry only American made skateboard gear. Every month OutLook gives away one free skateboard deck to someone who signed up for thier mailing list. At the end of each month they let the winner know through e-mail. All contest winners must live with the USA, lower 48 states.

Free DVS Skate Shoes

DVS Daltons
DVS Daltons. DVS Skate Shoes

DVS offers the chance to win a new pair of shoes if you sign up for thier newsletter.  They also ask for your cell phone number, so they can text you info and updates about DVS.  

5boro NYC Offers Free Skateboard Gear

5boro NYC
5boro NYC. 5boro NYC offers a chance to win a skateboard, if you fillout thier survey.  Not a bad deal, and they SHOULDN'T sell you info to anyone.  At least that's what you hope!

Free Skateboard from Twitter

Twitter Win Skate Stuff
Twitter Win Skate Stuff. Twitter

This is a contest put together by They want to give away skateboard gear every week, to help skate brands get exposure, and to give stuff to readers like you! Here's how to sign up:

  1. First you have to sign up with
  2. Go to the winskatestuff page and click 'follow'
  3. Tweet this phrase: "I've entered to win a pro skate deck from Bacon Skateboards. You can too - just follow @winskatestuff and retweet this!"
  4. Check the winfreeskatestuff page on Wednesday at 7 PM (PDT). They will post a question about a video, and the first person posting the correct answer on the video's wall wins the skate gear.

In effect, you have to provide advertising for Twitter to try and win, but if you win it might be worth it!

Free Shameless Skateboards deck

Free Skateboards - Shameless Skateboards
Free Skateboards - Shameless Skateboards. Shameless Skateboards

Shameless Skateboards is a new skate company based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Shameless makes decks, clothes and more. They have a strong skater-run atmosphere, and give away 1 skate deck a month to people who sign up for their newsletter. You can also send them your footage and they might let you join their crew.