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Fill Your Mailbox With Free Shampoo Samples

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One of my favorite freebies to receive in the mail are free shampoo samples along with other free beauty samples. These little packets of shampoo, conditioner, and sometimes a styling product, let me try out new products before I dive in and purchase a big bottle.

An added bonus is that a lot of the times these free shampoo samples come with coupons that can really help me save money on the big bottles. Especially if there's a sale going on.

I also love to use free shampoo samples when I travel. They take up almost no room in my suitcase and they're easy to use and toss when I'm done with them. I've got quite a stock pile of free shampoo samples and when I have guests visit they never have to worry if they forgot their shampoo.

Below, you'll find a current list of free shampoo samples by mail as well as some other ideas about where you can score some free shampoo samples. You'll have a stockpile growing sooner than you think!

Current List of Free Shampoo Samples by Mail

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Here's a current list of free samples of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that you can request from your computer and receive in your mailbox.

None available at this time.

Free Shampoo Samples from Free Sample Programs

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There are a few free sample programs out there that regularly give out free shampoo samples for you to try. Here are some of my favorites:

Being an active member of these programs gives you a better chance at receiving free samples from them.

Product Test Free Shampoo Samples

Free Shampoo Samples
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It's possible to product test a new hair care product and then get to keep it when you're finished. I recommend joining the L'Oreal Consumer Participation Panel. I've gotten several products to try from them and they always have let me keep it after the study is over.

Free Shampoo Samples from Stores

Free Shampoo Samples
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Keep your eye out when you're shopping because you may just stumble across a free shampoo sample.

I've gotten many shampoo samples at both Target and Walmart on the weekend when I've been shopping.

When you visit the salon, be sure to ask if they have any free shampoo samples as well. Many times they have some sitting behind the counter that they are wanting to get rid of.

More Free Beauty Samples

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If you like these free shampoo samples, chances are you'll want to check out these lists of free perfume samples and free makeup samples.