Free Samples From Walmart Stores

Picture of a woman walking in front of a Walmart store
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Many Walmart stores have discontinued their free sample program. Call your local Walmart for the details about your store.

Almost every weekend you can take a short drive and get free samples from Walmart. These free sampling events are a great way to try new products, get free coupons, and bring home free samples from Walmart.

Another way to get free samples from Walmart is to request free samples from

Types of Free Samples From Walmart:

If you can think of a product that Walmart sells then it's probably been given out as a free sample from Walmart.

Past free samples from Walmart have included food like snack food, entrees, meat, desserts, and beverages, and personal care items like shampoo, shaving cream, makeup, and lotion.

How To Get Free Samples From Walmart:

You can get free samples from Walmart by visiting the Walmart In-Store Events webpage to find out when your local Walmart will be having a free sample event.

Enter your zip code, radius, and time frame into the Event Finder. You can also choose to sort the results by event or store.

Click Find Events to display when and where you can get the free samples from Walmart.

You'll now see a list of the type of free samples that will be given out at Walmart. The results displayed will also tell you the date and time you can go get your free samples from Walmart.

If you click on the name of the free sampling event, you'll get more of a description of the free samples from Walmart that you can get. Sometimes these will be samples you can take home and sometimes they'll be samples for you to try in the store. This is sometimes specified but sometimes you'll have to take a trip to Walmart during the free sample event and find out for yourself.