11 Free Resume Templates and Samples for Tech Careers

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Resume writing can be a chore. Fonts, colors, alignment -- it’s overwhelming, especially when the pressure’s on to stand out from the crowd. So, we’ve listed some of the best resume templates and samples below for the hottest tech jobs. They help to sidestep the stress because you’ll get a professional-looking resume without the headaches of starting from scratch. They won’t cost you any money, either!

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Entry Level Computer Science

Rear view of computer programmers using laptop at office desk
Maskot / Getty Images

This computer science resume sample shows you how to highlight skills and strengths when you’re still at college. You will surely impress the hiring manager on the first read.

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Web Developer

Website Planning
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Here’s a great source of resume samples and templates for a range of developer jobs. HTML, Java, and Front-end are all on the list. Take a look at the samples for inspiration in crafting a full-proof resume of your own. These resources are in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

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Electrical Engineering

Close up female engineer examining digital circuit board on digital tablet
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If you’re an entry-level Electrical Engineer or you’re still studying, you can use this resume to summarize your achievements up to now. With this template, you can highlight your career goals and expand on internships and other relevant work experience.

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Programmer Analyst

Nerdy programmer analyzing codes on desktop PC in the office.
skynesher / Getty Images

Follow the guidelines of this Programmer Analyst resume sample to reflect your core skills and strengths. Be sure to highlight your knowledge of software and programming languages. Use action verbs when summarizing your achievements. This template has good verbs, but you can change them to show off your experience.

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Experienced Computer Programmer

Cyber Attack team are coding on computers

You can download this resume for an experienced Computer Programmer (Word format). Adjust it to create a resume that boasts essential top-level attributes. Both programming and leadership skills take center stage on this template for senior programmers.

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Systems Analyst

BusinessThinking about structuring business process and solutions
marrio31 / Getty Images

This downloadable Systems Analyst sample is available in Word and PDF versions (It’s free but requires sign-up). Technical skills and key areas of expertise stand out on this sample as well as previous job responsibilities that highlight capabilities.

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IT Architect

Woman and men using laptop in server room
Erik Isakson / Getty Images

An IT Architect or an IT Specialist can use this sample to craft a resume around their skills. The sample is useful for related jobs like IT Support Specialists and Software IT Architects too.

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Network Engineer

computer system diagrams
peepo / Getty Images

All levels of Network Engineers can use this sample. If you’ve been in the industry for a long time, remember to include the most relevant data that match the job requirements. And if you specialize in CCNA, Cisco, or wireless networks, this sample is suitable as well.

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High Tech Management

Businesswomen discussing in boardroom
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Any managerial position requires someone with know-how linked to concrete achievements. It proves you’ve got the skills you’re boasting on your resume. Lead with a strong list of skills and achievements on your executive resume.

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Computer Engineer

server rooms
anandaBGD / Getty Images

Here’s an in-depth Computer Engineer resume. It begins with a summary of strengths and expertise to grab the employer’s attention. Then let your technical skills and attributes do the talking with this format.

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Database Administrator

Big Data Concept with icons
Enis Aksoy / Getty Images

Job performance and technical capabilities are the prime focus of this resume for Database Admins. Other job titles that can use this template are SQL Database Administrator, Lead Administrator – SQL Server, and Database Administrator/SQL Development.

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BONUS Resources

The days of multi-page black and white resumes are fast declining. Create a 21st Century resume with these bonus resources.

Resume Templates by Profession

Bookmark this extensive list of templates organized by job function. You’ll find resume templates for various jobs under the IT section of the page -- Database Administrators, Software Engineers, Development Managers, and dozens of others.

Free Resume Templates in Ai, Indesign & PSD Formats

Go the extra mile with these visually appealing designs. You can use them for any job, and you’ll need the correct software to open and insert your information into them.

Free HTML Resume Templates

Tech job seekers will love these web resume templates which will make a lasting impression on recruiters. Many of these website resumes are responsive, so they’re ideal for jobs in design and web development. They make attractive online profiles too.


Your resume and cover letter offer the first glimpses of what you're capable of, so spend extra time and effort getting them right. Organize information and present your skills effectively. And use a professional resume template to polish the most important tool for your job search.