The 9 Best Free Online IQ Tests

Take an IQ Test Online

Ever wonder what your IQ score is? It's quick and easy to find out with this list of free IQ tests.

These tests have a range of anywhere from 10 to over 50 questions, and will take you anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes to get an instant IQ test back after taking them. They all work a little differently, so you may want to take a few of them to get a better feel of what your score is.

All of these tests are truly 100% free. You will not be required to pay for the score at the end, like some IQ test sites trick you into doing. You might be asked to pay for additional insights, but you will get, at the bare minimum, a score of some kind for free.

The average IQ is 100, with a score of 120 or above being considered high, and a low score marked off as 70 or below. But keep in mind that the results of these tests aren't official and are just meant for fun. You can visit Mensa International to find out how to take the official IQ test.

of 09's Free IQ Test

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The IQ test at requires nothing but your birth date to get started. 

There are 20 questions in total, many of which are multiple choice, with one true/false question. A timer at the top right corner tracks how long you're taking to complete the test.

Your IQ is shown at the end of the test, where you can share your score with others, view the correct answers, and see some IQ estimates of well-known people in history.

See their second IQ test for 20 additional questions.

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Free IQ Test at MyIQTested

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This is a very fast-paced free IQ test that limits how much time you can spend on each section. You'll need to provide your name, country, age, and gender.

The test is broken down into different parts to test different things, including memory, perception, word comprehension, visual designs, logic, spatial relations, numerical sequences, and creativity.

Instructions are available before each test so that you can get a sample question or two for an understanding on what's expected.

You can save your IQ test and resume it at a later time, or work through each section and complete it in the allotted time.

When finished, the results can be sent to you over email, shared with others, viewed online, and printed off.

These IQ test results include the sections of the test broken down into which side of your brain is used to work through them, with your score for each section shown on a graph to know how you compare with others.

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Free IQ Test at FunEducation

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This free IQ test has 43 questions with no time limit. The questions cover word analysis, spatial reasoning, quantitative skills, letter-number sequencing, and verbal reasoning. There are both multiple choice questions and ones where you have to type the answer.

This online IQ test doesn't let you return to past questions to answer differently.

Results of this IQ test are broken down by the various sections it covers, and you can see which answers you got wrong within those categories. There's an option to see all your wrong answers if you buy the extended report. You have to make a user account to see your results.

There's also a 200-question IQ test for kids on this site.

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Free IQ Test at

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skaman306 / Getty Images has a free IQ test with 20 questions. Your results are based on the answers as well as how quickly you complete the whole thing.

Once the test has been completed, you'll be told your IQ score, the time it took to finish it, and your "status," such as Gifted or Severely Challenged.

A badge that shows your IQ can be shared with others.

This free online IQ test doesn't let you review your answers to make changes to them. It's also possible to select Next without answering the current question, so be cautious how quickly you click through the questions.

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Free IQ Test at

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This free true/false IQ test at has a total of 38 questions spread over a few pages that tests your intelligence in several different areas.

Spending more than 20 seconds on average with each question will negatively affect your score.

When finished, you must enter your name and email address to get your score sent to you over email. For more information about your IQ as reflected in this test, you'll have to pay for the detailed results.

My results were emailed to me instantly, but be sure to check your spam folder since the message might be marked as spam.

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PsychTests' Free IQ Test

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A bit longer than the others in this list, this IQ test has a total of 57 questions, with a 30 minute timer. The questions are multiple choice and test everything from spatial relations and logical reasoning to math and language skills.

One way this test is unique is that it lets you choose I don't know as an answer. Also, there are sometimes a few questions that go to the same data set, like a table or a short story.

Before seeing your IQ, you're asked to answer a large handful of research questions such as your gender, age, occupation, and ethnicity. But you can skip them if you want to.

You must purchase the full report to see how you scored within each specific category that you were tested in. Otherwise, the free results show your IQ score and percentile score.

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IQ Test Prep's Free IQ Test

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There are two free IQ tests at IQ Test Prep: a long, 15-question test on a 35-minute timer and a short, 25-question test that has to be completed in 6 minutes. Both of these IQ tests are multiple choice.

There isn't a back button on the second test, so be careful how quickly you answer, especially since you can technically not provide an answer if you don't want to.

At the end of either test, you see your score compared to the average—for example, it might say Average score: 52.3%. Your score 75%. There's also the option to view the answers to the questions.

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Free IQ Test at Genius Tests

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Genius Tests has two free IQ tests: a full quiz with 50 questions and a 12-minute time limit, and a quick quiz with 25 questions and a 6-minute time limit.

Most of these questions are not multiple choice, but instead will have you enter a value into the text box.

This test doesn't let you go back to the previous question to change your answer should you accidentally click Submit.

After the test, you'll get your results that include what percentile of intelligence you fall under. For example, Your score puts you in the 80th percentile.

You can buy your results for more information like the test answers and detailed explanations. Another way to get your IQ results is to pay for a membership, which also includes more IQ tests.

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Free IQ Test from 123test

Artificial Intelligence Brain

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There are two free IQ tests that you can take at 123test, classical and culture. The classical intelligence test gives you a sense of what an actual IQ test is like and the culture fair test is the certified test of the International High IQ Society.

There are 8 questions for the culture fair test and all questions are non-verbal, making it a great choice for those who don't speak the language. If you'd like to pay for the professional version, you can get a 25 question test.

The classical test has 10 questions and 10 question types. It tests verbal, numerical, logical, and spatial reasoning. The professional version can be bought for a fee and it has 44 questions.

After you've completed either rest you'll get an IQ score range, such as Your IQ score lies within a range of 115 up to 131. You can save your test report, email, or print it.

Looking for a different kind of online test? Take a free personality test to find out more about how you tick.