5 Free Online Calendars to Keep Your Home Business On Track

Every moment wasted during your work hours is money or time lost. Running a successful home and business under the same roof requires a masterful juggling act. Online calendars can be a lifesaver, not just because you can store your appointments online, but also because many can be accessed on the run through your smartphone or tablet, and many include cool apps, such as to-do lists and sharing that can make running your business easy from one spot.

Below you'll find a list of free tools you can use keep your business running on-time. It doesn't come close to listing every calendar app or tool, but it gives you a varied list of several. You may want to test out several options to see which are best with how you work. 

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Google Calendar

The big advantage of Google Calendar is that it integrates with other Google products (i.e. Gmail), and other apps. Like most calendars, Google can store and remind you of appointments and events, supports multiple calendars (i.e. work and personal), allows for sharing (i.e. you give your VA access to your business calendar), and makes it easy to send appoints from email to your calendar. 

Because it's so popular, many productivity apps and tools work with Google Calendar, including to-do list apps (i.e. Remember the Milk) and booking tools. For example, you can use YouCanBook.me to book coaching or other meetings, which are then automatically added to your Google Calendar. 

Google Calendar is easy to use on Android products. Until recently, it was harder with iPhones, but that changed in March 2015 when Google added a calendar iPhone app. 

Check out this article at Lifehacker for all the cool stuff you can do with Google Calendar.

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Cozi is a calendar designed for families, which can be helpful if you're managing kids, a spouse, and a home, as well as building a business. It's ideal if you need to keep track of several people's schedule, such as your appointments and kids recreational activities. Each member of the family can have their own calendar, but it can be integrated into a single shared calendar allowing you to view everyone's schedules in one place.

Along with organizing your schedule and to-dos, you can create and share grocery lists and chores (i.e. ask your spouse to pick up kids or milk) and store recipes.

Cozi offers instructions for importing other calendars (such as work, sports events and holidays) and using with Outlook. Plus you can get Cozi apps on both Android and iPhones. 

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ZOHO Calendar

 ZOHO Calendar is one of many of the tools you can get from ZOHO. There are several cool features to ZOHO calendar including group calendars and sharing. It syncs with iCal and Google calendar, and you can embed your ZOHO Calendar on a website.

A unique feature is being able to send invitations and track responses to your scheduled events. 

ZOHO has mobile options and you can even switch time zones. Plus you can import contacts' birthdays and other calendars (i.e. holidays)

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30 Boxes

30 Boxes has been around for a long time (at least in Internet years) and is very popular with users, mostly because it has a fairly simple user interface. It does all a calendar should do plus allows for multiple views (day, week, month), and it will send you reminders and can be shared with others (such as if you need your family or virtual assistant to view or add appointments). It supports natural language entry (i.e. dinner with Susie tomorrow at 6 pm at Sals), which is another reason it's popular.

30 Boxes works with social media as well. You can share your blog posts, social media updates, and Flickr photos. Plus, you can add calendar events to your blog via RSS. It can send you SMS reminders and it has map integration. Plus it can be customized.

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My Memorizer

If you don't need a bunch of bells and whistles, My Memorizer might be what you want. It's basically a reminder tool that will email (free) or text (paid version) you to let you know you've got something scheduled.

The advantage of My Memorizer is that it's easy to use. Add your email and/or mobile number to your account, then each time you add an event, you'll get a message to remind you about it. 

You can import your calendar from iCalendar, Outlooks or vCalendar, plus you can export MyMemorizor to Outlook.