How to Get Free Tickets to Advance Movie Screenings

Find Free Movie Screening Tickets Near You

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Did you know you can get free movie tickets for brand new movies before they actually hit theaters?

Movie studios will set up advance movie screenings in major cities around the country to build up excitement over the movie and give the local press the opportunity to see and review the new movies.

You don't need to be important to go to one of these free movie screenings either—you just need to know where to look for passes.

Finding Free Movie Tickets for Advance Screenings

A couple things to keep in mind before you go looking for free movie tickets for these screenings: they aren't available for every movie that's released and they are usually only available in major cities.

Here are a few websites that specialize in giving out free movie tickets for screenings.

  • Gofobo: Enter your postal code and select a movie to see if there are free movie tickets available near you. Be sure to register so they can contact you if a new screening becomes available in your area.
  • Lionsgate: Enter your zip code to see if there are any free movie screenings of Lionsgate films in your area. You can also register to be notified when there are advanced movie screening tickets available in the future.
  • Warner Bros. Screenings: Sign up and get emails on advance screenings and promotions for Warner Bros. movies, or search for one right now.
  • Sony Screenings: Put in your zip code to see if there are any free movie tickets available for new Sony movies. Like these other websites, you can also register to get notified when they become available.
  • SeeItFirst: This is where you can find free movie tickets for Disney movie screenings. You'll need to register so they can notify you of future movie premieres near you.
  • Searchlight Pictures Screenings: Register for a chance to attend upcoming advanced screenings of Searchlight Pictures films. Search for screenings in your area here.
  • Fandango: Fandango also hosts movie screenings on occasion. Sign up for a free FandangoVIP account and you'll get notified when they're having a screening.
  • STX Entertainment: All you need to do here is enter your zip code.
  • AdvanceScreenings: Select a movie or enter your zip code to see if any free movie tickets are available for the screening in your area. You can sign up with your Facebook account to receive alerts. This site also lets you add screenings you might know about, to notify other users.
  • United Artists Releasing: See if there are screenings where you are by entering your zip code.

You'll also want to closely watch and listen to these sources of free movie screening tickets. I've gotten quite a few free movie screening passes this way.

It's important to sign up for everyone's mailing lists, follow them through social media, and check all websites regularly to see if there are free movie tickets available for a screening. The tickets for advance movie screenings go quickly when they're available, so you'll want to make sure you get them before they're gone.

Winning Free Advanced Screening Tickets

Another option for getting free movie screening tickets is by winning them. Here are some places that regularly give them away as prizes.

  • BackstageOL: They pair with movie studios to give away tickets to movie screenings. They're given away raffle-style based on the city you're interested in.
  • Zay Zay: Gives away advanced screening tickets as well as swag packs and other movie-related prizes.
  • Sweepstakes Fanatics: Win attendance to red carpet film premieres.

Getting Your Free Movie Tickets

If you signed up for one of the movie screening websites then you'll probably get your ticket as an email or you'll be able to print it right from your browser. You'll bring this ticket with you to get into the movie.

The same goes for local media; they'll either give you directions on how to print your ticket or give you a hard copy.

Using Your Free Movie Ticket

It's important to arrive early to the movie screening. Just because you got a free movie ticket doesn't necessarily get you a seat. These movie screening are often overbooked, so it's recommended to show up 30-60 minutes before the movie starts.

Be sure to bring any ticket or documentation with you when you attend the movie screening, along with an ID.

More Ways to Get Free Movies

Entering movie ticket sweepstakes is another way to snag some free tickets. Or, if you have kids and it's summer, try free summer movie programs.