Free Latin Music

An Online Selection of Latin Music Radio Stations

Thanks to Internet, there are lots of free Latin music you can find online. This article features a selection of radion stations that include big broadcats platforms like Batanga, Jango and Live 365 as well as unique Latin music stations such as El Bacharengue and Curramba Estereo focusing on more specific Latin music genres. I hope you find it useful.

Batanga (Various Genres)

If not the best free Latin music source out there, Batanga is definitely a top source to listen to. There is a broad selection of radio stations in Batanga that touches almost every single corner of the Latin music spectrum. You can listen to different genres such as Bachata, Bolero, Latin Pop, Flamenco and Latin Jazz, just to mention a few. Another nice thing about Batanga is the selection of some of today's top Latin music videos that this platform features on the site. Batanga is oriented towards the Hispanic market in the US.

Live 365 (Various Genres)

Live 365 is a huge radio network featuring over 5,000 stations playing all kinds of music. Although some of the stations require VIP subscription, there is still a good amount of free stations where you can listen to all kinds of Latin music styles. In fact, there are numerous stations playing genres such as Bachata, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Tropicalia, Merengue and Ranchera.

Jango (Various Genres)

Jango is one of my favorite free Latin music sources out there. This big platform currently offers 22 Latin music radio stations covering a nice varity of sounds. Some of the stations include Latin Top 100, Regional Mexican, Bossa Nova, Tango and Reggaeton. Besides this classic genres, Jango also offers unique channels such as Latin Love Songs, Tropicalia and Latin Summer BBQ. Another nice feature of this radio platform is tha you can create a station with your friend's music likes on Facebook.

El Bacharengue (Bachata and Merengue)

El Bacharengue is a Dominican radio station based in New York. Althoug this source plays genres such as Reggaeton, Salsa and Latin Pop, El Bacharengue is mostly focused on traditional Dominican music rhythms such as Bachata and Merengue.

AOL (Various Genres)

AOl Radio features 12 stations targeting the Latino market in the US. They cover popular genres such as Latin Pop, Regional Mexican, Salsa, Latin Rock and Tropical music. There are a couple of stations featuring a mix of sounds. For instance, the station Amor plays love songs, ballads and boleros while the station Latin-Dance Electronic deals with chillout and club remixes. This is a nice option to access free Latin music online in the US.

Mega Latina (Various Genres)

Mega Latina is a Latin music radio station based on Canarias, Spain. The station pretty much plays all kinds of genres. A pioneering Latin music radio station in Spain, Mega Latina has a nice website where you can get information regarding Latin music. Unfortunately, there is a bit too much of publicity sometimes. In any case, it is a good station to get an idea of what kind of Latin music is popular in Europe.

Curramba Estereo (Tropical and Vallenato)

This is a Colombian radio station based in Miami. Because of this, Curramba Estereo provides you with the opportunity to listen to lots of Tropical rhytms such as Merengue and Salsa as well as traditional Vallenato from Colombia.

Yahoo! Music (Various Genres)

With its different stations, the popular Web portal is another nice option to consider when you are looking for free Latin music online. You can listen to all kinds of genres in the general channel Classic Latin or get more specific in stations such as Pop Latino, Rock en Espanol, Tejano and Salsa Cien Por Ciento. A nice feature about the Yahoo experience is that the music you listen to is delivered according to your song ratings, which helps you to discover new music according to your own preferences.

Viejoteca Estereo (Classic Salsa)

If you are into classic Salsa or Salsa dura, this is definitely a Latin music radio station to listen to. Although this Los Angeles based radio station is fairly new, it only takes a couple of hours to know that these guys really know their music. Fantastic selection of old good Salsa.

Tunein (Various Genres)

Tunein is a large radio network offering several Latin music stations. The Latin section, which is organized by genres, features several local radio stations. The selection is vast but do not be surprised if once in a while you find a station that does not run properly. In any case, once you have identified those stations that do work and offer a nice selection of music, tunein is definitely a nice alternative to enjoy free Latin music online.